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Managed SD-WAN Services

Managed SD-WAN Services

Moving beyond LAN and WAN with managed SD-WAN services

Managed SD-WAN from Riverbed & Teneo

Imagine your current WAN architecture; now imagine your business doubled in size in the span of a month. Would your WAN be able to keep up with the rapidly scaling requirements? Or your CEO decides to open up three more branches in three more states; would you be able to quickly provision and manage those branch openings remotely? And since SaaS/IaaS and other cloud services are making more demands on your network, can you ensure that your WAN can deliver performance for more users, devices and applications, especially video and collaboration, as well as the Internet of Things?

Read how Teneo, a specialist integrator of next-gen technology and Riverbed partner, works with Riverbed to deliver a Managed SD-WAN Service based on Riverbed SteelConnect.

“Continued growth in the usage of cloud services means that enterprises cannot simply add more bandwidth as this will become an expensive proposition,” accord to IDC. “Enterprises must carefully evaluate their usage of expensive WAN links and seek cost-effective solutions for supporting hybrid network architectures.” [1]

For IT leaders with legacy hardware and currently looking to modernize their networking strategy, SD-WAN is like an ace up the sleeve. Transforming your WAN into a software-defined network provides the ability to hide complexity and easily manage multiple types of connections—LTE, MPLS, and Internet—controlling and shaping traffic according to network demands. Cloud services become more agile and accessible. On an administrative level, managing bandwidth is intuitive, automated, and efficient; performance boosts can be immediate.

The good news: You can choose to implement Riverbed’s SD-WAN solution yourself, or you may choose to have SD-WAN provided to your business as a managed service from one of our Partners.

Benefits of a managed SD-WAN service

When should you consider a Managed SD-WAN Service? A Managed SD-WAN Service eliminates the cost of managing increasingly complex WANs, for example, the need for more expert IT staff. Basically, a managed SD-WAN service allows you to outsource non-core functions to a service provider or system integrator and benefit from their know-how—for example, defining application-specific routing policies.

With a managed SD-WAN service, you have both flexibility and control: for example, you can:

  • Provision network capacity and easily add value-added services like visibility or WAN Op instantly and easily via self-service portals
  • Enjoy price transparency and pay-as-you-go models with an ability to upgrade and downgrade SLAs

If you are looking to reduce the demands of network management, deploy IT staff to other initiatives and still transform your network, a Managed SD-WAN Service based on Riverbed SteelConnect and delivered by our Partners is a viable option.

Harness the power of a SD-WAN

Riverbed SteelConnect enables single-click creation of software-defined networking capabilities in the cloud. It establishes and fully automates secure connectivity between cloud vendors, providing a simplified, unified management console. Say goodbye to the days of complex WAN management and hello to an agile IT department and cloud-first enterprise.

Or contact Riverbed today to see how we can enable your organization to modernize networks and scale applications with integrated Riverbed SD-WAN, WAN optimization for application acceleration, and visibility solutions.

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[1] WAN Transformation: How CSP-Based Managed Services Can Support Emerging Enterprise WAN Requirements, Mark Winther July 2017

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