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Top Uses and Benefits of Network Performance Monitoring

Top Uses and Benefits Network Performance Monitoring

Top Uses and Benefits Network Performance Monitoring

Network Performance Monitoring is absolutely critical component of many modern businesses. By providing greater visibility into network flows, bottlenecks, and packets, IT is capable of identifying, analyzing, and diagnosing network problems. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the most common use cases for NPM technology in both small businesses and large enterprises.

Application Performance Optimization – With NPM tools, users are able to monitor and troubleshoot performance issues for networked and distributed applications. Furthermore, it’s possible to evaluate complex network communications for highly distributed applications, guide decisions on distributed application architecture and monitor HTTP and database calls for three tier networked applications.

Datacenter Traffic Management – Users can monitor both inter-datacenter and intra-datacenter performance problems and isolate  and troubleshoot infrastructure root-causes.

Cloud Networking – With an NPM solution, it’s possible to monitor relative quality of IaaS and other providers to guide network connectivity architecture, vendor selection, and contact negotiations.

Network Changes and New Deployments – Offer full visibility for network changes and new deployments while your team is building or changing applications, servers, network elements, circuits, or peering/transit. NPM solutions allow businesses to study problems with closer eye than they would otherwise, allowing for all network issues to receive adequate attention.

Traffic Management – Make routing decisions by monitoring performance across network hops and destination ASNs and geographies. With NPM, it’s possible to quickly and economically bypass network roadblocks by serving traffic and alternative PoPs ir by way of alternate first-hop ASNs.

Ensure Operation of Security Systems – Even though businesses spend a lot of money and resources dedicated on security software solutions and hardware, by passing up a network monitoring solution.


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