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NetScout Releases Centralized Orchestration and Management Tool

Source: NetScout

Business intelligence and analytics provider NetScout Systems has released the nGenius PFS (Packet Flow Systems) Fabric Manager to simplify the creation and oversight of packet flow analytics for large-scale networks by providing packet lifecycle management capabilities.

The nGenius PFS Fabric Manager is designed to “easily configure, deploy, and troubleshoot monitoring networks consisting of the nGenius 5000 and 6000 series packet flow switches.” NetScout designed the packet flows to allow multiple IT groups to use “traffic management and security enablement” to provide visibility for its users. Users can configure intelligent workflows to create new filters for deployment, deliver topologies that record network traffic flows, and oversee network health for current systems. NetScout’s goal with the PFS Fabric Manager is to simplify packet deployment and management for users.

NetScout created this enterprise solution in response to “data center networks [becoming] more complex and software driven,” evolving alongside visibility networks, says Jim Duffy, Senior Analyst of Networking at 451 Research. The hope is that by building a solution that can “orchestrate, manage, monitor, and troubleshoot the Packet Flow Systems (PFS) fabric,” the complexity of software-driven visibility networks will decrease workflow disruption. Sanjay Munshi, vice president of product management and Packet Flow Systems at NetScout says that the “simplicity and automation allowed users to easily scale their packet broker deployments,” bringing “consistent user experience across the entire monitoring infrastructure.”

NetScout hopes to establish this tool as a UI-friendly, compatible, and efficient interface that allows the collection and transmission of business analytics across network enterprises. Because traffic flow is an important component for monitoring network health and productivity, it makes sense that this provider would create a product specifically for network and business intelligence.

To read the full press release, click here. To check out the nGenius PFS Fabric Manager solution, click here.

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