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Network Monitoring Vendor Of The Week: Ipswitch

Each week, Solutions Review will highlight one Network Monitoring vendor that is noticed for their consistent software capabilities in monitoring the network and security servers of its consumers. This week’s pick is Ipswitch, a Lexington-based IT management software developer that provides powerful software capable of secure file transferring and network monitoring across all servers.

Ipswitch’s application and network monitoring software is practiced through its three most popular tools:

1.) WhatsUp Gold → Unique visualization and intuitive workflows launched from a dynamic map minimize workload and speed up issue resolution. Monitor any mix of applications, network, servers, VMs, and traffic flows with one flexible license.

2.) Log Management → Centralize the collection, storage, archiving, and back-up of Windows event, W3C/IIS logs and Syslogs. Leverage automation to reduce IT workloads and generate trusted reports for your auditors.

3.) Web Automation → Perform in-browser testing across IE, Firefox and Chrome. Extract any kind of data from the web and write to standard file formats or to a database. 

“Server Monitoring Software” Source: Ipswitch

Ipswitch also offers a number of free tools in case your company wants to take a more cost-effective form of network monitoring software. WhatUp Gold has a free version of its software that includes, but isn’t limited to, being able to discover and map your entire network, monitor up to five Windows servers, and backup, archive, restore and set management policies for your servers and firewalls. Other than that, there are many tools available from Ipswitch, such as an Exchange Monitor and a Virtual Machine Manager.

What makes Ipswitch a prominent network monitoring software provider is that there is considerable choice flexibility in how you want to configure and manage your software capabilities. Not only are there several different modules for your particular servers, but there are even more tools that interface with your servers and improve your network software. But the software can be fairly tedious to understand, due to the complexity and depth of the programs installed, so the more complex programs should be installed for larger companies. But despite that shortcoming, Ipswitch has proven itself to be a productive network monitoring vendor capable of allocating powerful software for your security and monitoring systems.

 To find out more about Ipswitch’s application and network monitoring software, click here. To find out more and download the free network monitoring tools offered by Ipswitch, click here.

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