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The Best Ways to Take Advantage of Network Visibility

Network Visibility

Network Visibility
Monitoring is the first line of defense against any problem. It’s the lookout hiding in the trees, waiting to give your team the heads up about a problem. Getting caught off guard is the worst thing you can do in today’s fast-paced world. Network visibility is more important than ever. Luckily, network monitoring solutions provide users with visibility, and customizable alerts to keep you ahead of any issues.

Proper Network Planning

It’s impossible to map out a complete network without adequate network visibility. Visibility allows you to plan accordingly. You can figure out what tools you need and how much scaling your network demands. Network monitoring tools give you complete visibility into your network. You can monitor end-user experiences and recognize when problems are happening.

You need to know when an issue isn’t an anomaly. Network planning starts with noticing trends. One of the most useful aspects of network monitoring is the analytics over time. Tracking network trends allow your team to make decisions in an informed and data-driven way. Having a detailed history of the problems that occur on a network will make efficiency-related changes more valuable. The best way to improve any network environment is to know where consistent problems exist and who these problems impact.

Quicker Response

Putting out fires is never the right way to approach network problems. Network monitoring solutions offer valuable updates so your team is never left wondering about user experience. Proactive measures create a much better environment for network teams, and for end-users. Managing a modern network requires getting information to fix issues before they become a problem for users. In addition to providing the alerts and information, network monitoring solutions can utilize the information on their own and give teams suggestions on how to fix problems that might arise.

Productive Failure

Earlier this year I wrote about Gremlin, a company that creates chaos in a user’s systems. Their objective is to find the strengths and weaknesses in a system. One thing that stood out to me in my talk with Tammy, was the importance of monitoring in a failed experiment.

Monitoring gives you insight into a failure. It’s the insight you need to make an improvement. Sure, you can look at your systems in-depth, but why would you deny yourself extensive visibility?

Failure is unpredictable and inevitable. How you deal with it is what you can control. Getting the proper intel is the best way to deal with any kind of failure.

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