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New Relic Acquires CoScale’s Technology for Kubernetes Monitoring

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New Relic, a leader in the 2018 application performance monitoring Magic Quadrant, today acquired technology and team members from CoScale. This acquisition improves the company’s container and Kubernetes monitoring. CoScale is a Belgian company with experience in monitoring Kubernetes, container, and microservice environments. Furthermore, they were included in Gartner’s September report, “Cool Vendor in Performance Analysis; Analytics and Containers.”

The incoming CoScale team will focus on incorporating CoScale’s capabilities into the New Relic platform. More specifically, the New Relic Infrastructure solution. New Relic’s current container monitoring solutions cover Google Kubernetes Engine, Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes, Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service, and RedHat OpenShift. The company is “confident these new folks will help us expand our capabilities in these areas.”

This news emphasizes New Relic’s dedication to monitoring workloads running on Kubernetes. Due to the popularity of container workloads, New Relic hopes to assist enterprises in the adoption of management phases. Adding CoScale’s team and co-founders brings years of experience with monitoring modern software architectures.

CoScale has offered container-native monitoring for Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift. Not to mention, they provide full-stack container visibility in production environments. Thus, the combination of the two company’s technology backgrounds will enable New Relic to better serve modern DevOps teams. New Relic says this will accelerate their roadmap by building a stronger container and Kubernetes monitoring product.

CoScale CEO Stijn Polfliet said, “The visions of New Relic and CoScale are remarkably well aligned, so our team is excited that we get to join New Relic and continue on our journey of helping companies innovate faster by providing them visibility into the performance of their modern architectures. Fred and I feel like this is such an exciting space and time to be in this market, and we’re thrilled to be teaming up with the amazing team at New Relic, the leader in monitoring modern applications and infrastructure.”

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