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New UTC Traceability Solution Released By Corvil

Network intelligence and analytics provider Corvil has announced the release of their Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) traceability solution for “monitoring, analyzing, and reporting activity on electronic trading networks.”

Corvil’s reasoning for releasing the product relies on how important the “consistency and integrity of time across computer systems” is for providing oversight for business transactions across intercontinental systems. Corvil developed the UTC Traceability Solution to deliver continuous assessments of UTC synchronization, and to match the “speed and automation of today’s financial markets.” Unlike traditional network monitoring solutions, this product focuses on collecting and maintaining information for consolidated audit trails.

This solution hopes to enable financial institutions with the ability to comply with pending financial regulations such as MiFID II. Some of the goals outlined by these regulations include lower cost market data, more structured marketplaces, and more explicit costs of trading and investing. The new solution provides rapid response-time to issues involving disrupted time synchronization through an automated alert system. The traceability solution also provides a timestamp accuracy indicator to review the “examination, auditability, risk mitigation, and regulatory reporting purposes” of messages that don’t meet MiFID II regulations.

As Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer of Corvil, David Murray believes that the Traceability Solution will provide an “important capability for compliance with new regulations” that meet the new standards of “precision and surveillance.” The solution can also be used “by any company looking to monitor and assure critical business activity on their networks,” David Murray said. The Corvil UTC Traceability Solution is designed to “create zero performance impact on systems or networks,”  helping businesses “monitor and assure critical business activity on their networks.” Corvil hopes that their new solution will empower their current analytics solution and help businesses comply with financial regulations through automated monitoring and reporting.

To read the full press release, click here.

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