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Why You Need Real Time Visibility During a DDoS Attack

Why You Need Real Time Visibility During a DDoS Attack

Why You Need Real Time Visibility During a DDoS Attack
DDoS attacks can be detrimental to any company. Your users are all relying on your network’s reliability. Without reliability, it’s easy to get left behind. Sometimes, companies don’t even know a DDoS attack is happening until it’s too late. Real time visibility from network monitoring tools can give teams the advantage they need to respond accordingly.

Although network monitoring tools aren’t the only tool you need, any defense starts with visibility. Many companies don’t know they have a vulnerability until its exploited; this has been the case for cryptojackers attacking cloud platforms. It’s not entirely different for a DDoS attack. You’ll hear about it from your end-users, but that’s not an adequate approach. Network monitoring tools allow you to get ahead of the attack and deploy your defense mechanisms.

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Don’t get caught off guard

It’s easy to become complacent during a moment of rest. DDoS attacks can happen at any time, but they could also never happen. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared, though. Network monitoring tools give you the visibility you need during a DDoS attack.

You can’t act on a threat without visibility. DDoS attacks are essentially a poisoned water supply. You don’t know the water is poisoned until someone drinks it and tells you they’re poisoned. Then you need to react to frustrated users. A network monitoring tool will tell you that the water is poisoned, it won’t filter the water for you, but it’ll tell you that it needs to be filtered.

Real time visibility and proper intel can prevent serious losses of service. If you know what’s happening, you’ll be able to respond accordingly. Since attacks will likely happen randomly, you’ll be able to spend time preparing and setting up a game plan. Don’t get caught off guard.

What network monitoring tools can do

GitHub was recently the victim of the largest DDoS attack ever recorded (at that point). Luckily, they were ahead of the attack and were able to activate their DDoS mitigation tool. Network monitoring provider, ThousandEyes, was alerted to the attack. They were informed of the dip in availability to GitHub services due to their continuous network monitoring platform.

ThousandEyes gave detailed insight on the attack. Of the attack, they state, “DDoS attacks are becoming more frequent and ever more powerful. While the GitHub attack had minimum service interruption and showcased a well-executed mitigation process, not all DDoS attacks are created equally.”

Although network monitoring tools aren’t your greatest defense, they’re just as important as any mitigation service. Protecting yourself against DDoS attacks is far more than a single tool can provide. Nobody would go into battle without defensive insights through scouting. Think of a network monitoring tool as a scout alerting you to every attack. Gain the insight you need to stay safe with our network monitoring buyer’s guide.

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