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Riverbed Releases SteelCentral for Digital Services

Performance monitoring provider Riverbed has released their newest solution SteelCentral to improve business performance with application visibility. The provider has enhanced its digital experience management (DEM) platform to optimize a user-friendly experience.

Riverbed designed the SteelCentral solution to “analyze device, application, network or infrastructure health traffic in one seamless workflow.” Riverbed’s Senior Vice President and GM of SteelCentral Mike Sargent states that this solution benefits businesses who don’t “understand how all the infrastructure, networks, apps, cloud, and end-user device elements of their environment.” The release will hopefully strengthen enterprises with “the comprehensive visibility needed to optimize the performance of the entire digital service chain and achieve business growth,” Sargent says.

SteelCentral’s features are coded to extend its DEM capabilities for network monitoring. The goal in producing this solution is to “increase the ability for companies to capture network information and improving the resiliency of this process.” The product can capture network performance with its 40 gig network interface controller (NIC) card, allowing greater network speeds.  SteelCentral can manage large-scale NPM environments, making automatic changes based on the data gathered.

SteelCentral’s capabilities also go beyond NPM functions. Its Performance Command Center Modular Service provides “flexible implementation and delivery models that enable companies to deploy on-premise, or in Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.” This function helps accelerate the DevOps application lifecycle, using container imaging modifications, container management, and application performance monitoring (APM). This dynamic approach will allow SteelCentral to work parallel with container management solutions like Docker, increasing its value among IT departments.

Riverbed has created a solution that will hopefully benefit network monitoring and container management, making this solution a potential competitor to other DevOps-oriented solutions like Kubernetes and Rancher. To read the full press release, click here. To check out the SteelCentral solution, click here.

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