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Riverbed Technology Launches New Digital Performance Platform

Riverbed Technology Launches New Digital Performance Platform
Riverbed Technology Launches New Digital Performance Platform

Source: Riverbed Technology

Riverbed Technology has rebranded its identity as “The Digital Performance Company.” This coincides with their latest release, the Riverbed Digital Performance Platform.

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Riverbed’s decision to rebrand itself is market-based. Businesses are being driven by digital innovations. Too many businesses use legacy IT infrastructure that isn’t equipped to handle the digital revolution. Technological trends are constantly changing, having a proper infrastructure is crucial to maintained success.

The Riverbed Digital Performance Platform includes Riverbed’s notable network monitoring solution. This platform is all-encompassing and expands upon Riverbed’s available solutions. Riverbed’s move is obviously in response to the drastically moving digital world. More companies are moving to the cloud and successful monitoring, networking, and infrastructure require a proper solution.

“Riverbed’s unified and integrated Digital Performance Platform brings together a powerful combination of Digital Experience Management, Cloud Networking and Cloud Edge solutions that provides a modern IT architecture for the digital enterprise, delivering new levels of operational agility and dramatically accelerating business performance and outcomes.”

  • Cloud Networking: Enables next-generation networking with a comprehensive solution that includes SD-WAN, Wi-Fi, application acceleration, and network visibility. Riverbed greatly simplifies and unifies connectivity and management of LANs, WANs, WLANs while providing instant, secure, and optimized cloud connectivity.
  • Digital Experience: Unifies device-based user experience, application, infrastructure, and network monitoring to provide a holistic view of a user’s digital experience.
  • Cloud Edge: Centralizes islands of infrastructure to secure 100% of data—the lifeblood of any digital business—while still delivering superior, local-like experiences for users at the edge.

We encourage you to read the full release.

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