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Video Interview With Seceon CEO on Machine Learning and More

seceon machine learning

Solutions Review recently sat down with Chandra Pandey, CEO of Seceon, to discuss the importance of cybersecurity and cyberthreat management. Seceon provides an advanced threat management platform. They are based in Westford, Massachusetts.

Pandey goes over the importance of using behavioral analytics and machine learning, two crucial components in monitoring.

Many enterprises lack the needed visibility into their systems and network. Although Seceon doesn’t have a specific focus on networks, there is a lot to learn from this interview. Pandey provides information about perimeter breaches, credential falsifications, and DDoS.

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Pandey recognizes the importance of maximizing visibility and detecting threats. Effective security requires data from all available endpoints, applications, and networks. Analytics in any field requires detailed statistics in an easy to use program. Seceon provides a deeper understanding of security risks, user behavior, and events.

Want more? You can watch the full conversation between Doug Atkinson and Chandra Pandey of Seceon below.


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