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SevOne and Versa Networks Announce Partnership to Secure SD-WAN

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Network and infrastructure management company, SevOne, announced a new partnership with Versa Networks. The partnership centers around the SevOne SD-WAN Monitoring Solution supporting Versa Networks’ Secure Cloud IP Platform for SD-WAN.

SevOne’s SD-WAN Monitoring Solution allows enterprises and managed service providers to eliminate network management risks when introducing SD-WAN. The combination of SevOne and Versa Networks’ solutions provides real-time and historical visibility into networks. It also gives visibility into enterprise Wi-Fi from campus to branch, software-defined data centers, and more.

“The completeness of Versa Networks’ Secure Cloud IP Platform and its ability to deliver SD-WAN with integrated security to software-define the branch is what differentiates their solutions in the marketplace,” stated Jim Melvin, SevOne’s SVP, Marketing and Corporate Development. “With our support of Versa Networks, managed service operators and enterprise IT managers will now have one of the best solutions available to access real-time, in-depth knowledge of their services running across the most complex infrastructures.”

“Versa Networks provides a robust and automated solution that offers simplified SD-WAN, application experience routing, and integrated next-generation security. All of this is within a single, unified software platform offering secure, multi-cloud and enterprise branch dynamic connectivity,” said Atchison Frazer, Versa Networks’ Worldwide Head of Marketing. “SevOne’s agile SD-WAN Monitoring Solution will enable our customers to better forecast and address issues across enterprise and cloud applications, while giving them greater insight into their network and stronger business continuity. We are thrilled with SevOne’s support of our Secure SD-WAN solution and look forward to our customers implementing this powerful, integrated solution.”

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The solution enables operations and engineering teams to:

  • Better understand and report on site-to-site performance
  • Quickly visualize the class and path of transmitted traffic as assigned by the SD-WAN controller
  • Leverage customizable persona-based dashboards and KPIs that align to specific roles in managed services providers. This includes network operations/engineering, product owners and business leaders.
  • Ensure proper policy configuration by alerting on degradation or capturing traffic moving over the wrong path
  • Follow end-to-end application performance as a service flips from MPLS to broadband or vice-versa
  • Plan for new SD-WAN policies with historical data and analytics about hybrid WAN, based on up to one year’s worth of raw, as-polled data

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