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SolarWinds MSP Begins Offering Network Device Monitoring

SolarWinds MSP Network Device Monitoring

SolarWinds MSP recently announced its expansion of SolarWinds RMM capabilities by launching a Network Device Monitoring feature. Network Device Monitoring gives MSPs deep visibility into client switches, printers, firewalls, and even servers and workstations. All this information comes in a single dashboard.

MSPs gain improved visibility, enabling a proactive approach to network device maintenance. It also allows them to add new revenue streams, as it’s a unique offering in the managed services space.

SolarWinds have made a variety of solutions specifically targeting MSPs this year. In July, the company introduced NetPath to help MSPs optimize network performance. NetPath finds root causes of slowdowns, outages, and other problems. Additionally, it provides visuals of every hop traffic takes from the end user, regardless of location. NetPath displays relevant network statistics and contact info on the impacted node. Thus, MSPs respond quickly.

“MSPs must maintain visibility into an increasing list of elements of their customer’s environments in order to optimize their success,” said Greg Lissy, vice president of product management at SolarWinds MSP. “So, the offerings we deliver are aimed at helping MSPs expand visibility into their customer’s devices, networks, users, or even into the efficiency of their own businesses. Network Device Monitoring, NetPath™, and other management technologies we have built into our platforms provide the visibility—and ultimately the efficiency—that keep an MSP competitive in the rapidly evolving marketplace we’re seeing today.”

A Look at Managed Service Provider Partnerships

The relationship between managed service provider and solution provider creates valuable opportunities for clients. Although this often comes in the form of cloud-specific tools, network management is a valuable space for MSPs. Another example of cloud partnerships comes from Google Cloud. Google created a new Kubernetes marketplace with vendors proficient in key Kubernetes areas, such as security, monitoring, development, storage and more. Managed service providers will know what solutions work best for Kubernetes on Google Cloud. Partnerships such as these increase the necessity of MSPs, as they can ensure they’re providing optimal solutions.

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