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SolarWinds Network Insight For Cisco ASA Brings Next-Generation Performance

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Earlier this week, it was announced that network monitoring company SolarWinds would partner with Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances (ASA) to bring them SolarWinds Network Insight, a comprehensive monitoring software that allows its users to manage access control lists (ACLs) and see into the performance of firewalls. Executive Vice President of Products Christoph Pfister commented that Network Insight was created to “visualize the critical functions of this device and make it easier to resolve problems and mitigate threats quickly,” which would also allow “IT pros to deliver secure and reliable connectivity for their business.”

With Cisco ASA gearing themselves towards a hybrid IT environment, combining IT resources and cloud-based computing, the necessity for Network Insight is a priority for software security and management. SolarWinds believes that Network Insight will allow itself to go beyond standard monitoring and instead provide administrators with versatile coverage and analytics, including VPN tunnel visibility (LAN-to-LAN), hardware status, ACL filtering and viewing with a firewall rule browser, high availability disaster recovery support, and much more.

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Despite the pricing of the software, SolarWinds believes they’ve outdone themselves when it comes to revolutionizing the Hybrid IT environment. Supporting the Network Insight software is the SolarWinds Orion Platform. Utilized by “425 of the Fortune 500 companies to monitor, visualize, and analyze the performance of networks, applications, systems, and databases,” SolarWinds want to continue to prove itself as a reliable network monitoring software company that is dedicated to the productivity and efficiency of IT departments. In short, Network Insight will give Cisco ASA “a whole new monitoring experience and appreciation” for this software.

Network Insight is being packaged as two separate software installations: Network Performance Monitor and Network Configuration Monitor.To learn more about Network Insight, as well as download a free trial for either Network Performance Monitor or Network Configuration Monitor, click here and here respectively. 

To read the full press release, click here.

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