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SolarWinds Introduces Free Network Monitoring Tool, Traceroute NG

SolarWinds Introduces Free Network Monitoring Tool, Traceroute NG

SolarWinds Introduces Free Network Monitoring Tool, Traceroute NG

SolarWinds, one of the top names in network performance monitoring, recently announced the release of a standalone free tool, Traceroute NG. This is a modernized version of the popular ‘traceroute’ network diagnostic tool introduced over 30 years ago.

In their official press release, Solarwinds states, “After its introduction 30 years ago, Traceroute quickly became an indispensable diagnostic tool for troubleshooting networks. Over time, however, it has not adequately evolved to keep pace with modern networks and hybrid IT environments, limiting its usefulness. As a result, users lacked an easy tool for ad-hoc network troubleshooting short of investing in a full monitoring solution.”

Traceroute NG maps hop-by-hop performance across hybrid networks and through firewalls. It offers continuous TCP and ICMP tracing and delivers results in seconds. It helps networks of any size obtain endpoint to endpoint path analysis and visibility.

“SolarWinds Traceroute NG integrates new functionalities and capabilities designed for the latest technologies and networks. Features include:

  • Accurate path analysis and visibility via CLI from the source to the destination, with the ability to identify the number of hops, respective IP addresses, hostnames, packet loss, and latency
  • Continuous probing to see path changes easily
  • Ability to switch the probe type with various command arguments to imitate real application traffic
  • Creation of a log file containing the path number and trace information”

This tool is obviously not as detailed as SolarWinds’ network performance monitor, but it’s a useful tool in exploring what you can get out of a network performance solution.

You can see their full press release here.

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