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Telecom Industry’s Most Advanced And Compact 400G Test Solution Released by EXFO

Source: EXFO Inc.

Today, EXFO Inc., a Canadian-based software company that specializes in developing network test, monitoring, and analytic solutions, has released their 400G testing solution for telecom network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), carrier labs, and data centers in the form of the FTBx-88400NGE 400G Power Blazer Lab. This particular component offers “advanced Ethernet testing capabilities,” including but not limited to, “forward error correction monitoring and validation,” alarm generating and monitoring, decoding and error correction,” among others.

The reasoning behind EXFO’s choice to launch their 400G testing solution now is due to the telecom’s industry progression into developing speedier and productive network monitoring solutions. What was mentioned along with their choice was the implication that network speed is becoming as essential as network security when it came to the capabilities of network monitoring solutions, perhaps even more. In their press release, EXFO believes that NEMs are becoming increasingly pressured to develop infrastructure solutions to proficiently support 400G technologies and data centers, indicating a preference for network speed when it came to their production.

According to Stéphane Chabot, EXFO’s Vice President, Test and Measurement, she asserts that in an era where the challenge lies in sticking out from competitors, “the telecom industry is racing to innovate smarter and more powerful solutions that meet the needs of a 400G world.” She further guarantees that their Power Blazer Lab offers a “critical competitive edge by providing the industry’s most comprehensive 400G test solution” for IT departments to use in their monitoring and analytics. By releasing a solution that is committed to the prioritization of fast, reliable network capabilities, monitoring, and security, for the time being EXFO Inc. hopes to put themselves ahead of the curve in showcasing their willingness to provide consumers with the best software possible.

To learn more about the capabilities and pricing of the FTBx-88400NGE 400G Power Blazer Lab, click here.

To read the whole press release, click here.

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