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The 7 Best Free Network Monitoring Solutions Available

While Network Monitoring solutions are known to be state-of-the-art systems in terms of promoting network security and productivity, the cost of said software can be a hefty price for many technology companies. Fortunately, there is an alternative solution, that being the option to install and utilize free network monitoring solutions offered by a number of vendors. Below are the top seven free network monitoring solutions being offered right now. Be sure to click the hyperlinks on each source to go to their page and learn more.

LogRhythm: Freemium Netmon

One of the most comprehensive free network monitors on the web, LogRhythm takes pride in providing powerful and professional security coverage, offering a commercial-grade, network monitoring  system, complete with both forensics and traffic analytics. While the full paid-for version comes with a larger network bandwidth support system, and being limited to exporting alerts, that shouldn’t deter you from installing this network monitor if you are looking for a free security system that can efficiently cover your security systems.

Ipswitch: WhatsUp Gold Network Free Version

The first free version of Ipswitch’s Whatsup Gold 2017 Network Monitoring system is now available for installation as a free five-point license, complete with features including network discovery, monitoring, alerting, troubleshooting and configuration management. A one-year membership is offered to everyone who uses the free version, which should be more than enough time to conclude that Ipswitch’s network monitoring systems exhibits a refined, applicable system all of your security needs.

Solarwinds: Free IT Monitoring & Analysis Tools

Not only does Solarwinds offer a free network monitoring system for installation, but they also offer a variety of free monitoring & analysis tools and applications that can be added on to the system. Such tools that are available for systems operations include an IP Address Tracker, a Permissions Analyzer for Active Discovery, monitors that analyze the status of your network servers, a firewall browser, and much more. Needless to say, this free installation comes with more than its fair share of productive features.

ThousandEyes: ThousandEyes Lite

Thousand Eyes lite is guaranteed to provide a new level of internal network visibility with your servers, as the application includes “18 preconfigured tests to major SaaS applications and web services, including Office 365, Salesforce, NetSuite and Oracle OnDemand.” Your corporate network will be able to benefit from this free, unlimited system, even after your 15-day trial with ThousandEyes Pro expires.

ManageEngine: Free Network Monitoring Tool and OpUtils

This free network Monitoring tool is offered in two parts: the main system itself, and the tools that come with it under OpUtils; the former comes with both Real-time Free Network Monitoring and Threshold Based Alerting, and the latter comes with tools that monitor and function under Network Diagnostics, Address Management, and System Utilities. With so much to offer for this free system, ManageEngine outdoes itself when offering the public a comprehensive analytics and network security system.

Monitis: All-in-one Monitoring Platform Tool

Before being offered the free version, users of this network monitoring system will be given a 15-day free trial of the full version of the All-in-one Monitoring Platform Tool. Coming with a variety of features, including the option to create sub-accounts among the different members of your team, world-class linguistic support, and the opportunity to have an archive of your performance history of up to two years. This system surely gives you the full experience with this easy-to-use network system.

Opmantek: Network Management Information System

Opmantek’s NMIS is recognized as one of the most widely used free systems on the technological market, as what’s being offered is one of the most efficient, easy-to-use network monitoring systems out there. With an open-source core and constantly being updated by their development team, “NMIS monitors the status and performance of an organization’s IT environment, assists in identification and rectification of faults, and provides valuable information for IT departments to plan infrastructure changes and investment.”

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