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Top 5 LinkedIn Groups for Network Monitoring

Top 5 LinkedIn Groups for Network Monitoring

With social networking becoming an increasingly necessary component to conducting online business practices, many technology companies are turning to LinkedIn as a valid and established medium in business networking. That being said, here are five essential LinkedIn groups that any Network Monitoring employee and company should be a part of if they are looking for the latest trends, news about necessary software updates, or how network security can have a positive effect on both productivity and spending.

Network Monitoring & Incident Response™

Founded by Virginia Benedict, who currently operates as an Independent Contractor and Consultant, the group’s mission is based on the concept of providing “a safe and secure venue for IT Professionals, Operations Managers, and related technologists to share strategies and best practice for securing their Enterprise System’s Infrastructure.” With almost 3000 members to date, Benedict’s group strives to meet the increasing standards of today’s IT security networks by “influencing and nurturing” the present and future of the IT workforce.

Network Monitoring & Application

One of the largest groups dedicated to the future of Network Monitoring on LinkedIn, “this group aims to help IT, network operations, security, and compliance teams make sense of all the options and the best way to use them.” Admined by four individuals, these technologically-savvy experts bring together thousands of IT professionals in order to discuss, argue, innovate, and reestablish the imminent necessities of Network Monitoring for businesses.

Network Security, Managing, and Monitoring

One of the larger groups on LinkedIn dedicated to Network Monitoring, this group covers a plenitude of topics, researching and discussing on topics such as “firewalls, next-generation firewalls, Intrusion Prevention systems, Intrusion Detection Systems. encryption, security, SSL, Network Packet Brokers, Bypass switches, Network Taps, IP blockers, malicious IPs,” among others. Not only should this group be recognized for its versatile subject-covering methods in IT Security, but also for its willingness to exhibit the belief that network technology is vital in managing network and communication productivity.

Free Network Monitoring and Help Desk Tools for Small to Medium Businesses

Though this group has yet to break the thousand-members mark, it cannot be denied that this Spiceworks group is vital for anyone trying to improve their IT insight for their businesses. Admined by Todd Darroca, Spiceworks is promoted as a necessary informative platform for IT innovation, dedicated to teaching potential IT users in how networking monitoring can increase efficiency and decrease costs.

IT Monitoring & Systems Management Professionals 

A LinkedIn Group currently on the rise, followers of Sam Grispino’s group use the site as an expansive, “collaborative network to share information and best practices focused on IT monitoring technologies in a non-vendor specific or run forum.” IT Employees from “Fortune 1000 companies, large privately held companies, and large government agencies” all come together in this group in order to increase productivity among the workplace, as well elevate the standings of their respective IT security networks.

To learn more about the groups, click on the links in the headers for each group and request to join!

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