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Viavi Introduces ObserverLIVE, a New Network Monitoring Tool

Viavi Introduces ObserverLIVE, a New Network Monitoring Tool
Viavi Introduces ObserverLIVE, a New Network Monitoring Tool

Source: Viavi

Viavi recently introduced ObserverLIVE, an SaaS-based network performance monitoring solution for enterprises. This solution is cloud-enabled, subscription-based, and includes active test monitoring. It is a part of their Observer network monitoring platform.

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This release has taken cloud platforms to heart since enterprises are rapidly moving towards the cloud. In Viavi’s recent study, State of the Network, they state that approximately 80% of survey respondents were making the move to the cloud. This is a promising observation, considering workloads can be dramatically improved in the cloud. ObserverLIVE monitors on-premises and cloud networks to ensure that your websites and services are responsive and giving the best possible experience to end-users.

The tool identifies network performance issues and outages before end-users are impacted. Thus, cutting help tickets as you’ll have knowledge about network issues as they happen. Being proactive with network performance is critical to higher demands than ever. You can also validate the status of network links and confirm SLA compliance.

ObserverLIVE tests include:

  • Service responsiveness – monitors availability and end-user response times for on-premises and SaaS applications
  • Network performance – standards-based testing of network connections yields key performance indicators and performance baselines
  • VoIP quality – assesses the quality and consistency of VoIP traffic delivered across public or private end-to-end connections
  • Troubleshooting – deployed to end users’ systems on demand, investigates and helps resolve performance problems

ObserverLIVE is also enabled by the Viavi Network Integrated Test, Real-time analytics, and Optimization (NITRO) intelligence platform. NITRO is specifically for service providers and enterprises. Viavi vice president and general manager of enterprise business unit, Douglas Roberts, stated:

“Powered by the real-time intelligence of NITRO Enterprise, ObserverLIVE enables quick and efficient management of end-user experience anywhere, anytime, across hybrid IT environments, which is critical to solving the biggest issues in application and service troubleshooting. As the only vendor offering both traditional and SaaS-based solutions for network performance monitoring and diagnostics, Viavi excels at helping enterprise IT build a flexible, scalable structure to solve tomorrow’s problems, today.”

We encourage you to read the full release.

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