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Webinar: Microsoft Ignite Showcases Azure’s NPM Capabilities


User-ends having optimal application experience is critical for successful network performance monitoring solutions. To demonstrate the effectiveness of Microsoft Azure’s NPM solution, Network Watcher, Microsoft Ignite has uploaded a webinar titled “Gain visibility into network performance and availability with network monitoring solutions in Microsoft Azure.”

The webinar covers the importance of NPM solutions, and how Azure’s Network Watcher enables network oversight through data aggregation, application enhancement, and user-end analytics. The video also covers the various capabilities that Azure bolsters, including network traffic insights, fault detection and localization, packet detection, and the strength of connection throughout the layers. The video comes with a demo of the solution, contributing to the importance of managing enterprise networks for efficient data and software delivery.

To watch the whole video on Microsoft Ignite’s Youtube page, click here. To check out Microsoft Azure’s Network Watcher solution, click the link here.

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