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Key Takeaway from Yahoo Japan’s New Apstra Intent-Based Network

Key Takeaway from Yahoo Japan’s New Apstra Intent-Based Network
Key Takeaway from Yahoo Japan’s New Apstra Intent-Based Network

Source: Apstra

Intent-based networking is the network of the future. Both Gartner and Cisco have given this concept a lot of attention but feel that it’s a few years away from being completely viable. Hence, Yahoo Japan’s intent-based networking with Apstra is important.

Apstra, a company focused on intent-based networking and analytics, brought the solution to Yahoo Japan. Kenya Murakoshi, Senior Manager, Site Operations Division, System Management Group at Yahoo Japan Corporation stated:

“Apstra streamlines Yahoo Japan Corporation’s network design, build and operations processes by abstracting the network configuration with a concept of intent, which was a new concept to us, but the benefits were clear. Apstra Intent-Based Analytics allow us to specify how we want our network to operate.”

This is exactly what intent-based networking is about. The core tenant is enabling various networking innovations to collaborate. The intent is to build the perfect network by focusing on your company’s specific goals. It brings together policy-based automation, network analytics, and machine learning.

Yahoo Japan researched various options for their new network. One option was building their own hyperscale system. This would be a massive undertaking, with a high cost over many years. Having full manual control of building a network may sound nice, but it’s not always the best option. Apstra allows users to specify how they want their network to operate. Being able to do this from a simple dashboard is incredibly useful for any network administrator.

We encourage you to read the full press release here.

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