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Top VPN Services

Below is a directory of VPN service providers including company overviews, links to social media and contact information for these providers.

Connecting to public wireless networks, while convenient, is also incredibly risky, opening up a myriad of pathways for attackers to grab some of your personal information. With a Virtual Private Network, users are provided greater security over their wireless connection and better control over their online visibility. Below we’ve collected some of the best services out there and what these service providers are doing to make a name for themselves.

PureVPN creates a digitally secure environment for your employees regardless of their physical location. Apart from keeping them in a stealth mode around the clock, the data transferred accessed is encrypted and for optimum security.

  • Business intelligence- Conduct your business research easily without being logged, tracked or monitored by anyone.
  • Private browsing on public networks- Secure your browsing data while you are using public internet and restrict entry to any uninvited guests
  • Bypass geo-restrictions – With servers spread across 140+ countries, you can easily access any blocked website or content
  • Secure access on all devices – Anonymize your confidential business data and make it untraceable for cybercriminals and competitors

ExpressVPN never keep logs of your online browsing activity. Users can disguise their whereabouts and surf anonymously. When users connect to any ExpressVPN server in 94 countries around the world, your IP address and location are hidden.

  • Huge network of 1700+ global VPN servers optimized for fast connections. Unlimited bandwidth, no throttling.
  • Get set up in minutes on any device. Download, install, and connect to ExpressVPN with the push of a button.
  • Stream or download anything, from any of our servers, anywhere on Earth, with your IP address hidden from prying eyes.
  • Based in the British Virgin Islands, a tropical oasis without data retention laws. No activity logs. No connection logs.

PulseSecure is focused on delivering secure access solutions for people, devices, things and services. For years, enterprises of every size and industry have been trusting our integrated virtual private network, network access control and mobile security solutions to enable secure access seamlessly in their organizations.

  • Mobile VPN – Per-App VPN for Secure Access from iOS and Android
  • Single Sign-On- Rembering passwords is athing of the past for both on -premesis systems or cloud based solutions.
  • Transparent Visibility – Beautifully designed and easy to use consoles that IT will love.

Threats can occur through a variety of attack vectors. Users need secure connectivity and always-on protection for your endpoints. Deploy Cisco endpoint security clients on Mac, PC, Linux, or mobile devices to give employees protection on wired, wireless, or VPN.

  • Empower employees to work from anywhere, on company laptops or personal mobile devices, at any time.
  • Prevent breaches. Continuously monitor all file behavior to uncover stealthy attacks. Detect, block, and remediate advanced malware across endpoints. Do it all fast and automatically.
  • Control mobile and desktop devices in the highly secure, browser-based Meraki dashboard. Seamlessly onboard new devices and automate the application of security policies.

Corporate users benefit from the same sterling levels of security and reliability NordVPN is known to provide consumers with, alongside the added bonus of getting a dedicated account manager for business account holders. Companies also get a dedicated business VPN server for internal use, and each VPN account is assigned a dedicated IP address.

  • NordVPN protects your Internet traffic with cutting-edge security technologies to provide strong VPN encryption between your device and the server you have connected to.
  • When enabled, the CyberSec feature will automatically block suspicious websites so that no malware or other cyber threats can infect your device. Additionally, no flashy ads will come into your sight.
  • By sending your Internet traffic through a remote NordVPN server, you can change your IP address and protect your private data from malicious Internet users or ISPs.
  • NordVPN has implemented a DNS leak protection technology to protect your online activity and privacy in case DNS servers send unencrypted queries outside a secure VPN tunnel.

Hotspot Shield delivers a consistently fast service with competitive pricing for consumers, and its business offering is no different. In performance terms, our tests showed a significant increase in download speeds with a slight increase in upload speeds compared to our normal rates, and barely any change in latency.

  • Hotspot Shield provides secure and private access to a free and open internet. Enabling access to social networks, sports, audio and video streaming, news, dating, gaming wherever you are.
  • Our patented VPN protocol is integrated by 70% of the worlds largest security companies and has passed numerous security audits. We are the #1 in performance with thousands of servers worldwide.
  • Browse the web safely. Hotspot Shield protects your identity and encrypts your data at home, work or in public.

VyprVPN is enm ji9ngineered to have the highest level of speed and security for broadband Internet connections. This provider owns the servers and manage a global network to deliver the fastest VPN speeds. We write code optimized to deliver the fastest VPN access with the highest level of security. Golden Frog is the only company that handles your data to provide the highest level of end-to-end security and performance.

  • Unlike competitors, Vyper own and manage their VPN servers to deliver fast, secure connections.
  • VyprVPN offers beautiful, easy-to-use apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, TV and your router.
  • We engineered VyprVPN to have the highest level of speed and security for broadband Internet connections.
  • VyprVPN offers 70+ worldwide server locations across 6 continents. With 700+ servers and 200,000+ global IPs, connections are always available.

With Perimeter 81’s Software Defined Perimeter architecture and comprehensive management platform, gateways can be automatically deployed in any location, enabling simplified network security and IT management.”

  • Deploy SDP endpoints in any physical or virtual location to keep employees close to your network and guarantee optimal transfer speeds.
  • Instantly implement new product updates and upgrades without any time-consuming hardware changes.
  • Say goodbye to restrictive bandwidth limits with a scale-as-you-go network and flexible SDP instance deployment.