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Artificial Intelligence News for the Week of May 3; Updates from Amazon, Google, Microsoft & More

Solutions Review Executive Editor Tim King curated this list of notable artificial intelligence news for the week of May 3, 2024.

Keeping tabs on all the most relevant artificial intelligence news can be a time-consuming task. As a result, our editorial team aims to provide a summary of the top headlines from the last week, in this space. Solutions Review editors will curate vendor product news, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital funding, talent acquisition, and other noteworthy artificial intelligence news items.

Artificial Intelligence News for the Week of May 3, 2024

Atlassian Disrupts Enterprise Search with New Rovo AI Tool

Atlassian has developed a new search tool  —  Atlassian  Rovo — that can surface data from a variety of third-party apps. Rovo, currently in preview, provides a chatbot interface to help workers access information across their organization,and even decipher workplace jargon.

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AWS Unveils Industry GenAI Assistants Called Amazon Q

Amazon Q not only generates highly accurate code, it also tests, debugs, and has multi-step planning and reasoning capabilities that can transform (e.g., perform java version upgrades) and implement new code generated from developer requests. Amazon Q also makes it easier for employees to get answers to questions across business data as well.

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Blaize AI Nabs Cool $106 Million in Venture Funding

The El Dorado Hills, California-based company, which offers computing solutions in automotive, mobility, smart retail, security, industrial and metro market sectors, also said it had previously raised $224 million.

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DeepKeep Raises $10 Million in Seed Funding

The platform enables data scientists and CISO teams to gain valuable understanding and insights into AI systems’ risks and challenges, alongside comprehensive protection and alerts. DeepKeep is already deployed by leading global enterprises in the finance, security, and AI computing sectors.

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Endava Drops Agentic AI Industry Accelerator for Regulated Industries

Rolling out throughout regulated industries, Endava’s agentic accelerator can be used to deliver value in countless ways such as helping insurers with underwriting policies more efficiently, working with analysts on legal or financial research and due diligence efforts and driving the development and testing of new healthcare products.

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Galileo Releases Real-Time Hallucination Firewall

The solution removes the most persistent problems faced by AI engineers when setting up firewalls for LLM applications by allowing them to systematically analyze and iterate firewall configurations during testing and evaluation.

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GitHub Previews Copilot Workspace

GitHub is not alone in leveraging AI to help developers code. The Microsoft-owned company faces competition from Google, the open-source community, and startups like Augment and Cognition.

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IBM Expands AWS Partnership to Over 90 Countries

The expansion beyond DenmarkFranceGermanyUnited Kingdom and United States, where the software is currently available, will help make procurement easier for clients, streamline purchasing and create new efficiencies, while allowing them to use their AWS committed spend for IBM software purchases.

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Ideogram Launches Pro Subscription Plan for Active Creators

Like the Plus plan, the Pro plan gives subscribers the ability to keep their generations private from the community and Ideogram’s public feeds, and to upload their own images to remix them.

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LogicGate Unveils New AI Governance Solution

The LogicGate AI Governance Solution is uniquely positioned to provide enterprises with a solution to quickly adopt and holistically manage AI technology across their organization, enabling them to stay competitive, agile, and compliant while safely reaping the benefits of AI.

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MicroStrategy Unveils Latest AI Release at World Conference

MicroStrategy AI, introduced in 2023, is now in its third GA release, which includes enhanced AI explainability, automated workflows, and several other features designed to increase convenience, reliability, and flexibility for customers. The company also launched MicroStrategy Auto Express, allowing anyone to create and share AI-powered bots and dashboards free for 30 days.

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NVIDIA Integrates Cloud-Native Microservices with AWS

NIM is now available via Amazon SageMaker — a fully managed service to prepare data and build, train and deploy machine learning models — and AWS ParallelCluster, an open-source tool to deploy and manage high performance computing clusters on AWS.

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OpenAI Signs Strategic Partnership with the Financial Times

Under the engagement, Financial Times’ articles will surface in response to relevant queries on ChatGPT, along with necessary summaries, quotes and links from the publication. All information coming from the FT site will be duly attributed.

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SymphonyAI Launches New IT Copilot for Issue Resolution

The copilot is part of SymphonyAI Apex, a predictive and generative AI-based IT service management/enterprise service management (ITSM/ESM) platform to turbocharge productivity, simplify work, and create delightful experiences for end users, analysts, and executives.

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Trend Micro Attacks Accidental AI Misuse & External Abuse with New Release

Building on years of using AI to better protect customers, the newly launched capabilities in Trend Vision One help to manage the human risks inherent in using AI. These arrive as additions to proven capabilities for contextualizing alerts and decoding complex scripts.

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Versus Launches Latest Interactive AI Platform

Vivi uses deep learning to automatically transform passive content from various sources into engaging, interactive experiences in real-time, driving higher engagement, retention, and revenue for partners across industries.

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Expert Insights Section

Watch this space each week as our editors will share upcoming events, new thought leadership, and the best resources from Insight Jam, Solutions Review’s enterprise tech community where the human conversation around AI is happening. The goal? To help you gain a forward-thinking analysis and remain on-trend through expert advice, best practices, predictions, and vendor-neutral software evaluation tools.

Solutions Review Set to Host Databricks & ZoomInfo for Exclusive GenAI Roundtable May 29

With the next Expert Roundtable event, the team at Solutions Review has partnered with Databricks and ZoomInfo to cover why bad data is the problem, how Databricks and ZoomInfo help companies build a unified data foundation that fixes the bad data problem, and how this foundation can be leveraged to easily scale and use data + AI for GenAI.

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New Episode of Information Risk with David Loshin: Everything is Fine(s)

A sleeping giant awakens. Companies have been hoovering up users’ personal data to refine their marketing and train LLMs for years, but American regulators are finally starting to lay down the law around data privacy. How does a business contend with over 100 different privacy laws (and growing) around the world?

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New Episode of the Insight Jam Podcast Featuring ImmuniWeb Dr. Ilia Kolochenko Now Live

Dr. Ilia Kolochenko sits down with Doug to discuss the significant impacts and future outlook of AI in cybersecurity, challenges in network security, AI’s misuse by cybercriminals, the evolving role of AI in enhancing cybersecurity tasks while preserving human expertise, and the implications of AI on job automation and intellectual property rights.

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Insight Jam Panel of Experts Discuss Whether AI Will Replace the Role of ERP

Our expert panel discusses the potential of ERP systems and their integration with AI technologies. They explore whether current ERP systems are utilized to their full potential, the role of AI in enhancing ERP functionality, and the future of ERP systems in light of technological advancements.

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