BI Companies Expect Big Data to Become Mainstream in 2014

Business Intelligence Predicting Big Data 2014 ZDNetWhen he was selected as the Chief Data Officer (CDO) of Boa Vista in São Paulo, Brazil, Mario Faria became the first ever CDO in Latin America.  2013 was a year of experimenting with Big Data initiatives, says Faria, currently the CDO of SaaS enterprise ServiceSource.  In 2013, Big Data achieved several breakthroughs including: the release of Hadoop 2.0 and the expansion of the Apache Hadoop ecosystem.

In the rapidly evolving Big Data market, analysts predict that 2014 will be more than just a year of experimentation for Big Data.  Concurrent, Inc. CEO Gary Nakamura recently announced his company’s Big Data expectations for next year.  Nakamura, who leads the Big Data applications platform company, anticipates that funding for Big Data will substantially increase in 2014.

“Today every company is in the business of data, and this will drive the demand for cost effective and scalable Big Data platforms higher than ever before.  As the market starts to catch up to the Big Data hype, 2014 will prove that leveraging the right tools can make or break a project.  In addition to the new roles and requirements, the coming year will also see acquisitions, IPOs and funding on the rise and a shift toward Big Data application development as the next big thing,” Nakamura says.

Industry Experts offer their predictions for Big Data in 2014

In a recent ZDNet article, Andrew Brust summarized the predictions of Big Data in 2014 from enterprises such as Alteryx, Basho, Gainsight, Tableau, and TIBCO.  Brust writes that these business intelligence enterprises collectively predict that: Big Data technologies will go mainstream; cloud and mobile technologies will have greater influence; specialized areas of analytics will become more accessible; and the volume of data will rapidly expand.

Matt Quinn, CTO of TIBCO says: “Big Data and all of its tools and technologies will need to move away from being science experiments, and more into the day-to-day, second-by-second operational decision making.”

Next year, Tableau predicts that cloud business intelligence will become mainstream.  Moving forward into 2014 the next major step for Big Data will be the proliferation of new data applications.  Not only will having more applications impact 2014, but it will play a significant role in the next decade.  By 2020, Tableau estimates that the world will create 50 times the amount of data than in 2011.  These emerging data applications have the potential to revolutionize the Big Data market.

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