Arcadia Data Adds Support for the Top Cloud-Based Data Warehouses

Arcadia Data Adds Support for the Top Cloud-Based Data Warehouses

Arcadia Data has announced expanded support of its visual analytics product features for some of the top cloud data warehouses. Highlighted by scalability and performance enhancements, the update also includes usage-based pricing for cloud environments. Arcadia customers can now independently grow and shrink the amount of resources dedicated to BI workloads to optimize their spend. This enables a BI service that provides direct data access.

Arcadia Data offers a visual analytics and business intelligence product that runs natively within modern data platforms such as Apache Hadoop and the cloud. The company’s flagship tool, Arcadia Enterprise, is purpose-built to analyze large volumes of data without moving it in order to fill the gap between self-service BI and advanced analytics for emerging use cases. Arcadia Smart Acceleration allows organizations to support hundreds to thousands of concurrent users as well.

Arcadia Data is certified to run on any popular Apache Hadoop distribution, including Amazon EMR. The solution is integrated with shared metadata services like Amazon Glue as well, and now with cloud database and data warehouse services such as Amazon Athena, Redshift, RDS, Aurora, Confluent Cloud, Databricks, Google BigQuery and Snowflake. The new service-oriented data architecture enables different workloads and multi-function services to support batch and real-time analytics within one interface.

In a media statement, the company’s Chief of Product Priyank Patel said of the release; “With data management increasingly moving to object storage and cloud data warehouses, organizations naturally expect that BI applications can also benefit from the scale of data and real-time analytics. Arcadia Data provides a cloud-native approach that frees companies from relying on those outdated analytic patterns, delivering an agile architecture that meets the new level of analytics scalability and performance companies demand.”

For individuals eager to get started with Arcadia Data on cloud databases, the company’s free-to-download and unlimited-use desktop BI tool, Arcadia Instant, provides connectivity to Amazon Athena, Confluent Cloud, Databricks, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake, in addition to the existing set of supported data sources.

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