Are You Struggling to Overcome This Major BI and Analytics Obstacle?

Are You Struggling to Overcome This Major BI and Analytics Obstacle?

New research from analyst house Gartner, Inc. reveals that organizations have low business intelligence and analytics maturity. Organizations with poor maturity levels are much more likely to use individual-level data extracts and analyze data with basic spreadsheet software. These organizations see individual business units pursue their own analytics initiatives, which can be a real drag for stakeholders that need to answer important business questions.

Gartner’s newest finding came as a result of its ITScore for Data and Analytics survey that ran from October 2017 through June 2018. 813 responses were recorded, and the data shows that 87 percent of the organizations polled lacked BI and analytics maturity. The researcher’s Senior Director Analyst Melody Chien said of the findings: “Low BI maturity severely constrains analytics leaders who are attempting to modernize BI. As a result, analytics leaders can struggle to accelerate and expand the use of modern BI capabilities and new technologies.”

Conflicting research from August shows that 80 percent of BI and analytics users believe their organizations are using analytics as effectively as possible. The MicroStrategy study we’re citing also discovered that those users reported improved efficiency and productivity as a result of their analytics projects. It’s obvious that the studies were commissioned by companies with competing interests.

Low maturity organizations exhibit a unique set of characteristics that set them apart from their peers, most notably aging or primitive IT infrastructure and poor collaboration between teams. Other commonalities include a limited scope of BI functionality that focuses on reporting and long wait times as a result of IT content authoring and data model preparation. There are four key steps that organizations with lackluster analytics maturity can take to improve their situation, and Gartner outlines them here.

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