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Beyond Vanity Metrics: A Looker Presentation

This presentation by the great folks at Looker explores going beyond vanity metrics to focus on the insights that inform great business decisions.

“There is a propensity to focus on vanity metrics; metrics that show you the score: How many new views, new daily active users, how much revenue last week. You may slice these by different attributes – geography, platform, user demographics. While this can help you understand the high level trends in your business, it does little to tell you how to get better.

This slide deck looks at how vanity metrics can distract you from focusing on the analysis that matters, which is identifying and measuring the metrics that drive decisions. There are several real examples of how companies (Venmo, Simply Business, and Looker) have used event data in highly customized ways to make better decisions about their products.”

Looker was featured in Gartner’s 2015 Cool Vendors in Analytics, a report which we covered here.

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