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Domo Releases New Dev and Testing Environment Called Domo Sandbox

Domo Releases New Dev and Testing Environment Called Domo Sandbox
Domo Releases New Dev and Testing Environment Called Domo Sandbox

Source: Domo

Domo recently announced the release of a new development and testing environment built on the Domo platform called Domo Sandbox. The new innovation aims to help customers more easily create and promote content into production. Domo Sandbox enables data workers and business users alike to access a governed space to collaborate. Sandbox builds on core governance features within the platform like personalized data permissions, certifications, and dynamic groups.

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Domo is a cloud-based, mobile-first BI platform that helps companies drive more value from their data by helping organizations better integrate, interpret and use data to drive timely decision making and action across the business. The Domo platform enhances existing data warehouse and BI tools and allows users to build custom apps, automate data pipelines, and make data science accessible for anyone through automated insights that can be shared with internal or external stakeholders.

This release comes on the heels of Domo’s June Domo Everywhere update, which saw the provider bring data sharing and collaboration via a highly curated experience. Domo also unveiled a new multi-cloud data offering for modern BI that lets business users leverage data across multiple cloud data platforms in March.

In a media statement on the news, Domo’s Chief Business Officer Jay Heglar said: “Sandbox is a natural evolution of our platform’s enterprise-scale capabilities. It was developed in response to our customers asking for more software development lifecycle support, particularly as they build out more content such as apps to serve an increasing number of use cases across the business. With Sandbox, the Domo platform gives customers the industry’s first integrated experience to build, test and deploy.”

Read How to Meet the 3 Biggest Enterprise-Scaling Challenges in the company’s blog to learn more.

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