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Exago Adds New Dashboard Designer to Embedded BI Platform

Exago Adds New Dashboard Designer to Embedded BI Platform
Exago Adds New Dashboard Designer to Embedded BI Platform

Source: Exago

Exago recently updated its embedded analytics platform (2017.2) with several feature capabilities, including a new Dashboard Designer. The enhancement makes dashboards more feature-laden and easier to use. Exago dashboards can now automatically scale to any screen size as a result. In addition, users can align and style components easier, manage filters from one menu, and build ExpressViews directly in the dashboard.

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Exago features four different report designers (express, standard, crosstab, dashboard) that can be enabled in various combinations to accommodate end-users with different experience levels. The new designer includes three new chart types, including Statistical Process Control (SPC), Zoom Line, and Zoom Scatter. The Formula Editor also gets an update. Functions gain interactive tooltips that provide explanations, while users can now type to search for functions, parameters, cells, and data fields. The drag-and-drop capability too gets some ease of use enhancements.

The update enables companies to further integrate the Exago platform into a host application using the JavaScript API. They can do this with load reports and elements in piecemeal, and script the tool directly from the client web page. ExpressView Themes and Application Themes make up the majority of the user interface upgrades in the new version, while Formula Joins and Entity Cloning for advanced joining are also mentioned in the release notes.

The company’s first 2017 release back in May featured end-user and host application administrator enhancements. The platform features a web-based user interface so end-users require only an internet browser for functionality. The application and API can be accessed through REST, SOAP or .NET assembly and protocols can be mixed and matched across different applications.

In a statement to Solutions Review, Exago’s Product Manager Natalie Nick concluded: “This new release provides game-changing features that push Exago BI strides ahead in usability and seamless integration. We introduce a flexible JavaScript API, an industry leading Dashboard designer, and a novel approach to formula building that removes the intimidation of calculations for nontechnical end users.”

Solutions Review named Exago an embedded analytics vendor to watch this year.

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