GoodData Launches Set of UI Tweaks Aimed at Non-Technical Users

GoodData Launches Set of UI Tweaks Aimed at Non-Technical Users

Source: GoodData

GoodData recently unveiled a new set of UI enhancements for line-of-business users called GoodData Spectrum. The capabilities, which the company’s founder and CEO Roman Stanek speaks to in a blog post, are aimed at transactional and strategic decision-making in non-technical settings. This announcement comes on the heels of GoodData securing a US patent for its embedded analytics platform, specifically regarding the distribution of analytical applications to multiple customers.

GoodData.UI enables users to build custom applications from ready-made, commercial, open source and custom components. Data visualizations can then be embedded and customized. New KPI dashboards allow users to track changes over time and compare current values to previous periods. Users can also set alerts to be notified when KPIs reach specific thresholds, and dashboards can be saved and published to other users or embedded into web applications.

Perhaps the coolest new feature in Spectrum is the analytic designer that allows business users to explore curated datasets. No formal training is necessary for using pre-packaged or custom visualizations and automated actions – which for many will be a real plus. This enhanced approach to data analytics is something GoodData has been tracking against for a while now, and as their CEO points out: “It’s not that people aren’t aware of the value of analytics, they’ve been hearing that message for years.”

In a media statement associated with the announcement, Stanek said: “Analytics within organizations today is no longer about one-size-fits-all with low adoption rather, analytics is now critical to everyday business success. With GoodData Spectrum, we now enable data and insights to support the complete range of business decisions.”

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