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Incorta Launches New Mobile Analytics App on iOS and Android

Incorta Launches New Mobile Analytics App on iOS and Android
Incorta Launches New Mobile Analytics App on iOS and Android

Source: Incorta

Incorta recently announced the launch of Incorta Mobile, according to a press release on the company’s website. Available now for iOS and Android, Incorta Mobile gives customers a new way to access, view and analyze business data from anywhere. It offers the ability to drill-down into specific transaction details as well. The native mobile apps are built for power users and non-technical users alike and tout mobile shortcuts and other optimizations for small screens. There is even an immersive augmented reality experience for iOS users.

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Incorta is a data platform that speeds up data ingestion and provides hastened join performance. The vendor has dubbed its product as ‘The Industry’s First No-ETL Data Warehouse.’ Incorta features a Direct Data Mapping engine which provides real-time aggregation of complex business data without needing a data warehouse. Users can drill from top line, aggregated KPIs to supporting transaction records with one click. Incorta also enables you to drill anywhere with user-defined drill paths and hierarchies.

Incorta Mobile features native tooltips and pinch-to-zoom functionality, filters and bookmarks for quickly filtering data and adjusting views, widgets, biometrics for saving and protecting login credentials, and augmented reality for viewing large data sets and dashboards.

In a media statement on the news, Incorta CEO Scott Jones said: “Business teams everywhere are demanding faster access to more and better data. From the back office to the front lines of business, everyone now recognizes the value that data brings to decision-making. With Incorta Mobile, our unified data analytics platform becomes even more powerful, convenient, and accessible to the next wave of data-driven decision-makers – the rest of the business.”

This news comes on the company’s launch of Incorta 5 from March. Read Dream realized: Announcing Incorta Mobile with Augmented Reality in the company’s blog to learn more.

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