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MicroStrategy 2020 Update 1 Features New Mobile and Security Adds

MicroStrategy 2020 Update 1 Features New Mobile and Security Adds
MicroStrategy 2020 Update 1 Features New Mobile and Security Adds

Source: MicroStrategy on YouTube

MicroStrategy has announced the release of MicroStrategy 2020 Update 1, the latest version of its flagship business intelligence platform. The release improves usability across many workflows like dossier authoring, exporting and mobile linking. MicroStrategy 2020 Update 1 also includes high-priority customer requests that include predictive mobile caching for MicroStrategy Library, QR code/barcode scanning for HyperIntelligence, Dossier import integration in Excel, and new security support.

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The new version allows the use of MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence for Mobile to access a range of use cases that require scanning items with QR codes and barcodes. Contextual deep linking lets customers link directly into applications and pass on contextual information to initiate workflows. Users can build dossiers using free-form layout and can duplicate design elements as well. There’s also more flexibility to share grid-form information via simpler workflows that enable dossiers to be exported to Excel at the page-level.

2020 Update 1 features backup and restore to MicroStrategy Cloud deployments on Azure. Users also gain broader flexibility to import data directly from Soddier visualizations, as well as attribute forms, totals, and subtotals. The MicroStrategy connector for Power BI is now certified by Microsoft and available out-of-the-box on Power BI Desktop, and the new MicroStrategy for Data Science connector can update existing datasets with results from Jupyter Notebook and RStudio.

Security support add-ons are headlined by the ability to whitelist websites. The product also includes support for Google Chrome 80 SameSite requirements and broader authentication modes such as single sign-on and badge support for clients, the MicroStrategy connector for Power BI, and HyperIntelligence for Office.

In a media statement about the release, MicroStrategy’s Senior Executive Vice President and CTO Tim Lang said: “We’re pleased to launch MicroStrategy 2020 Update 1, which delivers more than 900 enhancements and fixes. We believe many of the new features can dramatically improve speed, enhance security features, and increase agility to accommodate remote work, which will greatly assist our customers to make faster, smarter decisions based on data they can trust.”

Learn more about MicroStrategy 2020 Update 1.

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