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Mobile World Congress a Precursor to CeBIT 2015

Mobile World Congress Internet of Things

Mobile World Congress Internet of ThingsThe tech world is buzzing with all of the new mobile devices and technologies that have been announced at Mobile World Congress 2015. The major topic of day 2, the Internet of Things (Iot), will add an even greater need for solutions to manage all of the data these new devices create, on top of the already large quantities of data current technologies generate. Since many of the new gadgets coming down the pipeline target business users, data management will take front and center stage in the immediate future.

In that, we preface another major event, CeBIT 2015, which will take place between March 16 and March 20th at the Hanover Exhibition Grounds in Hanover, Germany. CeBIT, recognized as the world’s largest IT expo, is considered a barometer of the state of the information technology space and is organized by Deutsche Messe AG. This year’s theme is “Software defines the world” and will feature 3,400 of the leading international enterprises from 70 different countries. China will be this year’s partner country of the trade show, representing the world’s fastest growing and second biggest IT market.

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The key topics of trade show will include:

  • Big Data & Cloud

“Data is referred to as the “new (crude) oil” in almost every presentation on Big Data. Oil is a limited resource, whereas data multiplies exponentially. Other than that, the image is fitting. Oil fed the automobile and replaced older sources of energy. It was disruptive – just like mass data is nowadays. Those who can make a subtle, target-oriented evaluation will be able to change whole industries. The cloud ensures that new solutions can be implemented easily and quickly, leaving on-site installations and expensive systems as poor options. What effects are these trends having on economy and society? And what is the role of cloud computing – concerning flexibility and safety?”

  • Digital Transformation

“No industry can get around digitization. In d!conomy – the connected economy – new business models emerge on a daily basis, while existing structures crumble. All at a rapid pace. Digital enterprises invade ever more areas, putting other players under pressure – look at the automotive industry, domestic technology or industrial automation. There’s also a trend of customers and suppliers working together in networks. What does this mean for suppliers? They will have to prove themselves again and again. IT decision-makers will play the key role in this scenario. They control these developments and can renew their enterprise from within- no matter in which industry or line of business.”

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

“Cost-effective sensors, RFID tags and ultrasmall computers allow components, everyday objects and machines to communicate with one another. The Internet of Things is taking over at full speed and will change our life completely. Today, only one percent of all things are connected. 55 billion connected items are predicted for 2020. US experts estimate a market potential of incredible US$19 trillion, especially in the health sector, the industrial sector and tomorrow’s smart cities. Enterprises and authorities should meet this change by handling data security and monitoring possible abuse in extremely sensitive and high-priority areas. How will the Internet of Things change the economy and society and what’s in store for IT?”

  • Mobile

“IT keepers have to find new solutions to connect business software with mobile devices, administrate thousands of apps and minimize security hazards. In this process the physical and digital world become one. Payment via smart phone is almost ready for launching, and we haven’t uncovered all the opportunities that this generation’s wearables offer. It’s time to adjust the enterprise’s mobile strategy to the new opportunities. Not an easy task for developers – considering that today’s user is always surrounded by compute power and lives online. The number of platforms is steadily increasing as rapidly as the number of different IT architectures. There’s a high demand for a vast range of skills.”

  • Security

“”It’s a threat to everyone, every country, every enterprise and every citizen”, says Timotheus Hoettges, CEO of Deutsche Telekom, at “Cyber Security Summit” in Bonn, referring to the current threat scenario of the Internet. Hacker attacks, data leaks or spying on digital information are on the agenda almost every day. Protection against industrial and data espionage has become more important than ever before. Prevention plays the key role: Try to avoid getting into a situation where your systems can be at risk. The debate on enhanced IT security has been going on since Edward Snowden’s revelations and will also be carried on at this year’s CeBIT.”

  • Social Business

“Social technologies are the driving force toward a digital organization of work. The focus is on the enterprise’s strategic orientation to a new, digital comprehension. However, this requires not only new technologies, but also – and above all – digital understanding. In most companies, the use of social tools is still at an early stage. How can employees work together more productively by using social tools? What role will standard e-mails play in the future? How can projects be coordinated more easily by employing new tools? Hierarchies, departments and fixed structures will break open. Enterprises will become more agile. Find out what the social business of the future will look like – at CeBIT.”

Some of the top speakers will include Shai Agassi, founder of Better Place and former President of SAP’s Product and Technology department, Dean Douglas, CEO of Unify, and former global executive with IBM and Motorola, and among others, Neal Schaffer of the Social Media Center of Excellence and ranked a top-5 social media influencer by Forbes. Keynote speakers will be covering a variety of topics, ranging from how NATO is using big data to deal with security challenges to Jedox’s plans to focus on mobile BI and self-service.

In addition, there will be a wide array of expert panels which will be held throughout the conference, as speakers from big-name companies will talk about solutions, best practices and various applications for business users. Topics will include CRM, business intelligence and big data, business security forum, ERP and ECM, data center dynamics, digital media and more.

CeBIT 2015 will be the center of the IT world starting March 16 and should foster some of the most innovative IT solutions for the coming year from many of the world’s top software solutions vendors. The event will continue to help an industry in transformation evolve, as the IT space has gone from one of troubleshooting in-house hardware issues to one that uses big data and BI solutions to resolve business problems.

Stay tuned as we will cover all the major BI and data analytics news out of CeBIT 2015.

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