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Multi-Screen Experience: The Future of Business Intelligence

In this video, courtesy of the folks at Computer World, Qlik‘s VP of Innovation and Design Donald Farmer comments on how Business Intelligence vendors have developed a mobile first strategy when developing new tools. However, he takes a different stance, explaining how at Qlik, they look to create their tools based on a single-view approach, saying “people don’t live on just one device, we use them all constantly”, so developing separate tools for each environment is costly, time-consuming and now ideal for consumers.

Farmer rightfully notes that users don’t want to have to learn the same tool on several different devices, so developing tools that can work across devices can save companies time and users a lot of frustration. He adds “Without user experience, people won’t want to use the solution.” That is certainly an underrepresented reality of modern enterprise-class solutions. The future belongs to vendors who develop user-friendly tools and employ a dual-view strategy. What do you think?

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