Pentaho 7.0 Bridges the Gap Between Data Prep and Analytics

Pentaho 7.0 Bridges the Gap Between Data Prep and Analytics

Pentaho, A Hitachi Group Company, announced yesterday announced Pentaho 7.0, a single platform to prepare and visualize data from anywhere within the analytics pipeline. Version 7 offers simplified deployment options and new Big Data feature enhancements, including increased capabilities for Spark use cases and Hadoop data security integrations. All of these features were covered at Pentaho’s recent appearance at Strata + Hadoop World earlier this month.

According to the company’s release, “Pentaho is the only vendor to offer natively combined data integration with visualization and analytic capabilities. By moving visualizations upstream, users can now inspect data while it’s in flight and at any stage in the data prep process.”

The new version of the company’s flagship analytics platform enables data engineers and analysts to prepare and visualize data at any step in the data preparation process without moving between separate Data Integration and visualization tools. Within the unified platform, IT and business teams can more easily collaborate swiftly to deliver data for analysis and minimize the time it takes to generate insights.

Additional enhancements include:

  • Kafka support: Send data to and receive data from Kafka, the popular messaging queue technology leveraged in Big Data and the Internet of Things
  • Avro and Parquet support: Output files in Avro and Parquet, two formats for storing data in Hadoop in Big Data onboarding use cases
  • Simple deployment, configuration and administration: Easier-to-manage interface for unified Data Integration and Business Intelligence server to support development and production environments

Donna Prlich, Sr., Vice President of Products and Solutions at the provider explains: “Businesses are looking for solutions that shorten the data preparation process and simultaneously overcome big data complexity. Pentaho 7.0 offers a truly integrated data prep and business analytics platform, easing collaboration between IT and the business by removing the need to switch both context and tools – something no other point tools in the market currently deliver.”

Pentaho 7.0 will be generally available in November 2016.

Read the official press release.

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