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Prognoz Platform 8.1 Touts Visual Discovery, Flexible Search

Prognoz Platform 8.1

Prognoz, a Russian company with one of the top Business Intelligence solutions for enterprise organizations, announced the release of Prognoz Platform 8.1 recently. The new version includes several important updates, including enhanced functionality and user interface, advanced visual data discovery and flexible BI search, improved administrative and security functions, and a number of other performance enhancements.

Functionality and User Interface

These feature additions ensure that Prognoz Platform is easier to use than ever before. Customers gain more functionality for data analysis and reporting, with an example being that users can leverage new tools designed for computing data visualizations as tables and charts, along with advanced import features. Business users can easy generate interactive analytics content and prepare data for analysis without any help from IT.

Visual Discovery Tools

With Prognoz Platform 8.1 business users are enabled to gain deeper insights into the data that means the most to them. In an effort to provide more ease of use and efficient analysis, version 8.1 developers have enhanced the customization tools for the platform’s visual components and provided further development of visualization tools for the mobile version of the tool. In addition to standard chart types, new template-based charts allow users to visualize chart elements in any form.

BI Search

Prognoz Platform 8.1 touts new search features. Users can search by word forms, metadata, and facets, where results become classified into specific groups. New advanced settings options provide customers the flexibility to customize the interface, enabling users to make their individual experience with the software more efficient.


Version 8.1 addresses the development of more robust security features and includes its own security server as a standalone component, which provides a full range of administration and information security features.


Prognoz Platform version 8.1 optimizes user tools and delivers a more swift performance, which in turn significantly shortens the time needed to handle large data sets and dictionaries.

In July, Gartner named Prognoz to their Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics Platforms, labeling them. Be sure to read our reaction to that report.

Click here to read the full press release.

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