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Sisense Launches Cloud-Native Linux Architecture of its Analytics Tool

Sisense Launches Cloud-Native Linux Architecture of its Analytics Tool
Sisense Launches Cloud-Native Linux Architecture of its Analytics Tool

Source: Sisense

Sisense has announced a new cloud-native Linux architecture of its analytics platform called Cloud-Native Sisense. The release is part of a series of product updates announced at the Sisense Eureka! customer conference and aimed at helping Sisense users to simplify complex data. Cloud-Native Sisense integrates with infrastructure to enable quicker delivery, scalability, and native DevOps support.

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Cloud-Native Sisense is supported on all major cloud providers including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. It provides the full Sisense platform including the Elastic Data Hub, which offers both live in-database connectivity to all major cloud databases, as well as the company’s proprietary In-Chip Performance Accelerator.

Sisense also unveiled a new augmented analytics capabilities called AI Exploration Paths that enables users to find visualizations and widgets generated automatically that anticipate the next question without outside involvement. AI Exploration Paths take advantage of anonymized user behavior data to provide statistically relevant insights and suggest new perspectives on how to explore data within a user dashboard.

In a media statement, the company’s Chief Strategy Officer Guy Levy-Yurista said: “With the addition of our latest AI technology, we’re helping empower our business users to answer questions they have never thought to ask. And with our cloud-native architecture, we’re opening up the power of Sisense to a new set of builders to operate in their preferred workflow.”

Sisense also showcased demonstrations of its complete analytics and business intelligence platform after acquiring Periscope Data last month. As a result of the deal, Periscope Data founders Harry Glaser and Tom O’Neill and their teams are taking leadership roles in the combined business, which will operate under the Sisense brand. Sisense has seen its star rise considerably in the crowded BI marketplace since CEO Amir Orad took over in February of 2015.

Learn more about Cloud-Native Sisense.

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