Solutions Review Sits Down with Periscope Data CEO Harry Glaser

Solutions Review recently had the chance to sit down with Periscope Data CEO in our Boston studio to discuss the evolution of data analytics, as well as Periscope’s role in the marketplace. Glaser also talked about Periscope Data’s founding and how his experience at Google helped shape the company’s data-driven mentality. He also notes that only the most data-forward organizations are taking full advantage of advanced analytics currently.

We polled Glaser on which industries were seeing the highest rates of advanced analytics adoption, and unsurprisingly, Periscope is seeing a great deal in healthcare and the financial services. He also explained how important it has been for the company to realize that its customers are buying business outcomes, and not necessarily just a software solution. This is why Periscope Data offers an interesting mix of professional services alongside its data analytics product.

Solutions Review named Periscope Data one of 8 Analytics and Business Intelligence Vendors to Watch in 2019 in December.

Check out the full interview below, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more.

Timothy King
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