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Sisu Unveils Smart Waterfall Charts for Data Exploration and Storytelling

Sisu Unveils Smart Waterfall Charts for Data Exploration and Storytelling
Sisu Unveils Smart Waterfall Charts for Data Exploration and Storytelling

Source: Sisu

Sisu recently announced the launch of a new data exploration and storytelling feature called Smart Waterfall Charts, according to a blog post on the company’s website. Sisu Smart Waterfall Charts are designed to help analysts find the factors that matter in their complex data and then synthesize, visualize and share them. Powered by a new set of algorithms that help identify key performance drivers, the charts utilize Sisu’s decision engine. The release comes on the heels of Sisu updating its user interface in February.

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Sisu Data offers a diagnostic analytics platform for structured data. The product automates manual data exploration so users can find hidden facts in complex data. Sisu automatically prioritizes facts based on their impact and provides detailed, interpretable context to refine and support conclusions. The tool features fact boards, annotations, and the ability to share facts and analysis across teams as well. As new information arrives in your cloud data warehouse, Sisu will continually re-evaluate metrics and surface new facts.

The charts support decision-making in three key ways like automatically finding the top drivers that explain the change, presenting the sequence of factors based on impact, and allowing for fast iteration and customization. In addition, Smart Waterfall Charts also account for overlaps as you make changes to a visualization. By identifying overlapping populations, for example, users can visualize the incremental impact of each population and focus on recommendations for the most actionable areas.

The company is pairing the new parts with a new algorithm that continuously improves the results of the Sisu engine. With the new algorithm, Sisu no longer surfaces overlapping populations that do not incrementally explain the change in the metric.

Sisu was recently named one of Four 2021 Cool Vendors in Analytics and Data Science by analyst house Gartner, Inc.

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