Tableau Adds Explain Data and Tableau Catalog to Analytics Platform

Tableau Adds Explain Data and Tableau Catalog to Analytics Platform

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Tableau Software has announced the release of an updated version of its flagship analytics platform. Tableau 2019.3 is headlined by a new feature called Explain Data, as well as data management capabilities in the form of Tableau Catalog. Explain Data is built directly into the product and enables users to do advanced statistical analysis with ease, all while using statistical algorithms to analyze data and automatically explain the most relevant factors about a data point.

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The new Explain Data feature enables users to select a data point in a visualization and Tableau will use Bayesian statistical methods to evaluate patterns and potential explanations across all data. The module only delivers the most significant explanations as interactive visuals which users can explore further. The capability can also help to reduce the risk of error from human bias that can restrict analysis.

Tableau 2019.3 includes a new way for users to interface with the tool’s natural language capabilities. The Ask Data feature can be embedded into a company portal or Intranet page to enable more users to utilize plain language for analytics. Tableau Server customers can encrypt their data extracts at rest as well, helping to ensure extracts published and stored in Tableau Server are encrypted. There are also new data connectors present with the update.

Tableau Catalog offers a new set of cataloging features in the Data Management Add-On. The capability provides a complete view of all the data used in Tableau for improved visibility and data discovery. The Tableau Server Management Add-On addresses security, manageability and scalability needs of an organization as well.

The company’s Chief of Product told the media in a statement: “With Explain Data, we’re bringing the power of AI-driven analysis to everyone and making sophisticated statistical analysis more accessible so that, regardless of expertise, anyone can quickly and confidently uncover the “Why?” behind their data.”

Tableau Software was acquired by Salesforce in June.

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