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Tableau Online Brings Fast BI to Cloud-Bound Companies

Tableau Online

Tableau has released an update to its cloud business intelligence (BI) and analytics solution, Tableau Online. This comes on the heels of Tableau’s last major product announcement, when the company unveiled a new version of their visual analytics software, Tableau 9.0. We covered that news here. The BI giant’s cloud analytics offering now gains version 9.0 status, and brings notable enhancements.

According to the company, the upgrade brings “faster performance, additional live database connection support, Single Sign-on support, and a slew of new features designed to help people achieve more with their data in the cloud.” Additional improvements include:

  • As a result of a complete design change, Tableau Online will deliver a faster, more resilient, extensible, and highly scalable platform. Parallel queries, query fusion, vectorization, and smarter query caches will make this new offering up to 10 times faster, Tableau says.
  • New support and a larger group of data connections will allow users to connect directly to popular databases such as MySQL, Postgres, and SQL Server while on cloud-hosted platforms like Windows Azure and Amazon RDS. Traditional support for Amazon Redshift, Salesforce, and Google BigQuerry and Analytics will remain unchanged.
  • Tableau Online Sync will allow users to keep on-premise data fresh in the cloud. For organizations who’s data is stored in a firewall, or for those that are making the transition to the cloud, this feature will supply ease-of-use as far as cloud analytics are concerned.
  • Tableau Online grants users with more ways to view data in commonly used tools, with support for easy embedding of Tableau dashboards in Salesforce via Canvas.
  • Single sign-on support via SAML 2.0 provides increased security, allowing embedding and Active Directory sync through corporate identity providers.

Tableau Online is the company’s fastest-growing solution, making fast-paced analytics easier than ever before. It is an enterprise-grade, cloud business intelligence solution designed for organizations moving to the cloud.

The company’s Vice President of Product Management, Dan Jewett, talks about the relevance this solution has in today’s environment: “More and more organizations are moving to the cloud and bringing their data with them. Tableau Online 9.0 not only is faster than ever, but it makes it easier for customers to keep their dashboards in the cloud up-to-date, and supports even simpler embedding in popular cloud platforms like Salesforce. This is a fantastic update for our cloud customers.”

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