The 5 Best Qlik Tutorials on YouTube to Watch Right Now

The Best Qlik Tutorials on YouTube

This list of the best Qlik tutorials on YouTube will introduce you to one of the most popular analytics and business intelligence platforms.

Qlik is one of the most widely used business intelligence and data analytics platforms in the world. Qlik enables organizations to combine all their data sources into a single view. It also allows users to develop, extend and embed visual analytics in existing applications and portals. Embedded functionality is done within a common governance and security framework. Users can build and embed Qlik as simple mashups or integrate within applications, information services or IoT platforms.

Learning Qlik can be a complicated process, and it’s not easy to know where to start. As a result, our editors have compiled this list of the best Qlik tutorials on YouTube to help you learn about the platform and hone your skills before you move on to mastering it. All of the videos here are free to access and feature guidance from some of the top minds and biggest brands in the online learning community. All of the best Qlik tutorials listed tout a minimum of 30,000 views.

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The Best Qlik Tutorials on YouTube

QlikView Tutorial For Beginners | What is QlikView | QlikView Tutorial | QlikView Training | Edureka

Author: Edureka

Description: This video gives you an introduction to QlikView and how is it used for data discovery and data visualization. You will also learn briefly about business intelligence in general to gain an understanding of QlikView via a video demonstration.

Qlik Sense Basic Tutorial for beginners [Complete Tutorial]

Author: Abhishek Agarrwal

Description: This is a basic Qlik Sense complete tutorial series for beginners who want to start learning from scratch to become a Qlik Sense developer. This Qlik Sense training will help you understand key concepts like data visualization, data importation, master calculations, variables, dashboards, and stories.

Build a basic app – Qlik Sense

Author: Qlik

Description: This video shows you how to build a basic app using sample data. The files used in this tutorial can be downloaded from the Qlik Help site here. Other topics include data loading, app design, creating visualizations, and data storytelling.

Qlik Sense Tutorial for Beginners | Qlik Sense Training | Intellipaat

Author: Intellipaat

Description: In this Qlik Sense tutorial for beginners video you will learn what is Qlik Sense is, the different components of the platform, its architecture, and how the Qlik Sense engine works.

, how Qlik Sense engine works, what is Qlik Sense hub and how it works, advantages of Qlik Sense, how to compress the data in Qlik Sense, data visualization through Qlik Sense and the various editions in Qlik Sense.

Tableau Full Course – Learn Tableau in 6 Hours | Tableau Training for Beginners | Edureka

Author: Intellipaat

Description: In this Qlikview tutorial for beginners you will learn QlikView from scratch with complete hands-on training. This video touts more than 30,000 views, which means it had just enough to qualify for inclusion in this short list.

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