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The Domo Business Cloud is Getting New Augmented Functionality

The Domo Business Cloud is Getting New Augmented Functionality
The Domo Business Cloud is Getting New Augmented Functionality

Source: Domo on YouTube

The Domo Business Cloud is getting a series of new augmented capabilities, according to a press release on Domo’s website. Domo dropped the news at Domopalooza, its annual (and this year virtual) customer conference. Highlights of the platform update include new features for machine learning and data science, as well as data management capabilities that help users generate insight in a single workflow. The add-ons are aimed at augmenting how data is connected, transformed and analyzed.

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Domo Business Cloud is now equipped with more connectors for cloud and on-prem big data repositories like Google BigQuery, AWS Redshift, Snowflake, MySQL, Teradata, PostgreSQL and Oracle. These new connectors, according to Domo, enable users to ingest and process data “up to six times faster than previously possible.” There’s also a new feature called Adrenaline Transforms that lets users transform large DataSets into more meaningful ‘summarized’ DataSets. Adrenaline  Transforms allow you to transform 10 times larger DataSets compared to traditional DataFlows.

New data management functionality is headlined by intelligent data connectors that refresh data as it comes into Domo Business Cloud. The drag-and-drop write-back connectors direct data into workflows in systems outside the data pipeline. New inline connectors let users add new data anywhere in their Magic ETL data pipeline, and Auto Hygiene and error handling use machine learning to automatically provide suggested steps to make incoming data more usable.

Domo Business Cloud’s automated machine learning (or AutoML) is powered by AWS SageMaker Autopilot. AutoML lets users tell Domo the data they would like machine learning applied to, making machine learning “accessible to business stakeholders.” Other notable enhancements include DataSet Views, a new visual tool that gives users the ability to explore complex DataSets via a click-and-filter interface, as well as a new AI feature called Augmented Discovery that automatically surfaces content, cards and pages based on patterns of value.

Domo also announced updates to Domo Everywhere. Data can now be published in a live query subscription so users can quickly embed, publish and brand their own apps, interactive stories and raw data.

Learn more about the new features coming to Domo Business Cloud.

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