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These Are the Best Healthcare Data Analytics Solutions Right Now

These Are the Best Healthcare Data Analytics Solutions Right Now

These Are the Best Healthcare Data Analytics Solutions Right Now

Market intelligence organization MedTech Breakthrough has released its picks for the Best Healthcare Data Analytics Solutions, a digital health awards program that showcases companies that drive innovation in medical and health technology. The yearly competition is open to individuals, companies and organizations involved in producing MedTech products and services. Award categories include, but are not limited to Clinical and Health Administration, Electronic Health Records, Healthcare IoT, Medical Data, Mobile Communications, and Healthcare Cybersecurity.

Judges for the MedTech Breakthrough Awards include senior-level, experienced health, medical and technology professionals that have worked in the space. Winning entries were selected based on a number of criteria like innovation, design and user experience, and overall technological advancement for the category. The 2019 awards attracted more than 3,500 nominations from 15 countries.

Our Buyer’s Guide for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms helps you evaluate the best solution for your use case and features profiles of the leading providers, as well as a category overview of the marketplace.

According to recent research from the American Journal of Informatics Association, healthcare providers are increasingly investing in data science and advanced analytics. This is not an vertical-specific trend, as organizations in every industry are moving in this direction. What sets the MedTech and healthcare fields apart is the immediate impact that these processes can have not only on improvements in care, but potential new discoveries.

Solutions Review had a chance to peruse the MedTech Breakthrough Awards, available here, and compiled what we think are the key takeaways from the healthcare data analytics section.

The Best Predictive Analytics Solution belongs to Blue Health Intelligence

Blue Health Intelligence (BHI) is an independent arm of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. BHI touts a team of consultants, clinicians, data scientists, epidemiologists, business leaders and bio-statisticians. Its specialty is in building predictive models that support care management and identify at-risk patients to determine appropriate levels of care and disease management. BHI can even identify patient risk factors for rare conditions that enable clients to proactively address those factors.

MedTech Breakthrough is specifically recognizing the Blue Health Intelligence healthcare data platform. The solution houses more than 19 billion claims and applies machine learning to allow healthcare professionals to create descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.

Information Builders takes the cake (pun intended) for Best Overall Analytics Platform

Information Builders is widely regarded as one of the best data analytics providers in the enterprise, and offers a number of vertical-specific BI solutions that really allow organizations to tackle their unique data use cases. MedTech is recognizing the company for its Omni-HealthData platform, a suite of analytic and information management capabilities that offer payers and providers a comprehensive view of the healthcare practice.

The product provides out-of-the-box dashboards and analytics. Not only does it enable users to view historical snapshots, but it includes alerting and a remediation portal for investigating and reacting to data rules. Omni-Health Data also eliminates the need to create data mastering applications from scratch.

Cardinal Analytx Solutions wins the Innovation in Healthcare Analytics category

Cardinal Analytx Solutions offers an AI-centric data platform that identifies people at high risk of rising cost and worsening health, then suggests interventions to prevent decline. The tool assesses the likelihood that individuals will benefit from the changes and helps them move toward a better health outcome. Cardinal can also predict specific types of high-cost, high-acuity events well in advance, which provides the lead time needed to refer members to higher value providers.

Cardinal Analytx nabbed $22 million in Series B venture capital in the week leading up to its mention as a MedTech Breakthrough award winner. The round, according to the company’s official press release will enable it to extend its machine learning capabilities and invest in new talent.

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