Gartner Names Winners of 2021 Voice of the Customer for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms

Gartner Names Winners of 2021 Voice of the Customer for Enterprise Low-Code Application PlatformsAnalyst house Gartner, Inc., recently announced the winners of its new 2021 Peer Insights Voice of the Customer: Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms. The report marks the latest addition to the researcher’s expansive list of buyer-centric resources, which already includes its popular Magic Quadrant and Critical Capabilities. Gartner Peer Insights provides first-hand reviews of software and services contributed by enterprise users. The new report is an extension of Gartner’s Customer Choice Awards released in previous years. 

Peer Insights Voice of the Customer does not include an expansive vendor listing or proprietary graphic to help organizations select the best tools. Rather, it provides reviews that go through a strict validation process to ensure they are authentic. Gartner Peer Insights are meant to be a complement to its expert-led research reports. At Solutions Review, we read the report, available here, and pulled out the key takeaways.

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Kuali and ProntoForms record the top overall scores

Kuali and ProntoForms, receiving overall ratings of 5.0 and 4.9, respectively, these two low-code application providers boast the top scores in the industry. Though they have received the top overall scores of this report, both vendors were on the lower end with regard to the total number of reviews. Kuali was reviewed 13 times and ProntoForms was reviewed 14 times. Kuali also received a 100 percent willingness to recommend score, while ProntoForms recorded a 93 percent score.

Appian, Microsoft, and Zoho received the highest number of reviews

Appian received the most reviews, at 109. Close behind was Microsoft with 100, and Zoho came in third with 78 reviews. Of these three providers, Appian also received a 90 percent willingness to recommend score, and an overall rating of 4.7. Microsoft and Zoho both beat out Appian with regard to willingness to recommend, receiving matching scores of 91 percent. However, they received lower overall ratings, with Microsoft getting a score of 4.4 and Zoho earning a 4.5.

Appian, Oracle, and OutSystems are the official “Customers’ Choice”

These three providers received the distinction of “Customers’ Choice” from Gartner based on their high review coverage and high market rating with a score of at least 4.6. As mentioned above, Appian earned an overall rating of 4.7 from 109 reviews. OutSystems and Oracle both received an overall rating of 4.8, from 77 and 59 reviews, respectively. Of these three vendors, Oracle earned the strongest willingness to recommend score, at 95 percent, followed by OutSystems at 94 percent. Additionally, Appian was named the sole Customers’ Choice for Global Enterprises, Large Enterprises, finance industries, and North America.

Read Gartner’s 2021 Peer Insights Voice of the Customer for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms.

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