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Newgen Software Releases NewgenONE Digital Transformation Platform

Newgen Software Releases NewgenONE Digital Transformation Platform

Newgen Software Releases NewgenONE Digital Transformation PlatformNewgen Software recently launched a new, comprehensive digital transformation platform, NewgenONE. The solution is designed to simplify complex business processes, manage unstructured information, and drive customer engagement based on changing demands. NewgenONE combines existing process automation, content services, and communication management capabilities. The platform enables businesses to leverage low-code to develop and deploy complex, content-driven, and customer-engaging business applications in the cloud. NewgenONE delivers information while empowering IT developers with agility.

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Newgen Software Technologies Ltd. is a global provider of Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Customer Communication Management (CCM) solutions with a footprint in over 60 countries. The Omniflow iBPS Business Process Management Suite drives enterprise-wide digital transformation by connecting an organization’s resources. The platform’s advanced capabilities, such as process orchestration, case management, robotic process automation (RPA), mobile, and social, among others, allow users to re-engineer processes and go digital.

The NewgenONE Digital Transformation Platform simplifies business operations, making it easier for all stakeholders to participate, utilize information, make decisions, and service their internal and external customers. The platform is in direct response to organizations’ growing need for managing business complexities, enabling customer success, and expediting digital transformation. Enterprises across 72 countries utilize NewgenONE’s underlying leading platforms for their customer-facing and content-driven business transformation initiatives.

In a press statement, Diwakar Nigam, Managing Director and Chairman at Newgen Software, said, “Enterprises are embracing digital transformation to simplify processes spanning siloed departments, information across data systems and files, and customer engagements across channels. NewgenONE is the only platform that can handle such levels of complexity for superior employee and customer experiences. NewgenONE unlocks simple. Our platform does it all — from developing 100 percent custom-fit business applications to helping enterprises leverage hyperautomation and robotic process automation; from enabling scalability in processes to simplifying use cases across industries. The platform seamlessly handles complex business processes and manages the complex information related to those processes.”

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