The 24 Best Business Process Management Companies for 2020

The 24 Best Business Process Management Companies for 2020Solutions Review’s listing of the best Business Process Management companies is an annual sneak peek of the solution providers included in our Buyer’s Guide and Solutions Directory. Information was gathered via online materials and reports, conversations with vendor representatives, and examinations of product demonstrations and free trials.

The concept of business process management (BPM) has been around for centuries, first being used during the industrial revolution. The dawn of computer technology brought the framework for business process management companies as we know it today, focusing on task efficiency, quality management, and continuous flow. However, it’s only been in recent years that we’ve seen the technology change into what we know it as today. With the ability to generate complex computer applications, companies have begun to understand the benefits of using BPM to change quickly and inexpensively. Today, these tools have evolved to become fully scalable, visual, mobile, and integral platforms providing organizations with process insight and control like never before.

Intelligent BPM suites (iBPMS) can choreograph complex styles of work, automate operational decisions while also allowing humans to use their judgment, manage complex events, and provide advanced analytics to assist with intelligently orchestrating business processes. Today’s iBPMS market is an evolution of the BPMS market, which has brought new developments such as the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, advanced analytics, and an increased interest in Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Selecting the best BPM company to work with can be a daunting task, and we’re here to help. That’s why our editors have compiled this list of the 24 best business process management companies to consider if you’re looking for a new solution.

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Note: Companies are listed in alphabetical order.

Link to Agiloft

Agliloft is a highly configurable BPM suite that’s comprised of a flexible and robust data module. The module features a powerful workflow rules engine giving it the ability to map any business structure and automate complex business processes. The platform includes integrated applications for help desk, customer service, web self-service, knowledge management, and contract management. Users can decide whether to employ hosted or on-premise deployment to meet their organization’s needs. Agiloft integrates with a number of commonly used business applications, and its full-bodied offering of APIs eases integration with other systems.

Link to Appian

Appian BPM software is a model-driven app development platform that allows both experienced and citizen developers to build process-centric and case-centric applications with the ability to monitor and improve business processes in response to changing needs. What separates Appian from many other BPM solutions is its ability to manage business outcomes, in addition to process orchestration of hybrid processes. Additionally, Appian is especially social-centric, easing collaboration between customers, workers, and suppliers.

Link to Arrayworks

Founded in 2000, Arrayworks provides an advanced low-code application platform that empowers customers to achieve their digital ambitions without the delays, costs, and limitations associated with traditional solutions. The Arrayworks Transformation Acceleration Platform (TAP) helps organizations speed new applications to market, whether optimizing current operations or enabling transformation to completely new digital operating models, TAP provides the foundation for organizations to achieve long-term operational excellence.

Link to AuraPortal

AuraPortal is an Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM) software provider that looks to help users optimize and transform their business processes. The no-code, business, and user-friendly BPM platform is intuitive and efficient, allowing for real-time control and analysis of all business processes and activities. Compared to other BPM vendors, AuraPortal is notable for its integrations, process modeling, and document management. The provider also boasts an affordable price for the features that it offers. AuraPortal’s flagship product, AuraPortal Helium is a .NET-based platform within a single integrated repository.

Link to Axon Ivy

Digital Business Platform, provided by AXON Ivy, combines the speed and agility of a model-driven low-code development platform with the power to build enterprise-grade applications. The Axon.ivy platform is extremely scalable and offers a future-proof architecture that can easily be extended by open standard technologies. The solution is optimized to implement much faster and to be much easier to operate and maintain. Companies benefit from an extensive range of out-of-the-box connectors, ready-to-use templates as well as pre-packaged offerings across a wide array of use cases for business processes and industries.

Link to Bizagi

Bizagi is a leader in digital business process automation software. The Bizagi Digital Business Platform is an iBPMS that offers execution on .NET and Java Platform Enterprise Edition. The vendor offers three tiers of solutions including Bizagi Engine, Bizagi Studio, and Bizagi Modeler. Bizagi provides users with process modeling, process automation, business transformation, low code app development, and case management. Bizagi also eases new clients into using the software by offering an extensive e-learning program, live-demos, and webinars.

Link to Bonitasoft

Bonitasoft develops BPM software for developers to build business applications that adapt to real-time changes, UI updates, and more. With Bonitasoft, users can automate, model, and monitor business processes in order to streamline operations. The software automatically checks for errors and highlights them before users save a business model. Additionally, connectors help Bonitasoft integrate with application infrastructure by way of LDAP, email, and web service calls. With extensive customization, users can code freely and create their own extensions.

Link to BP Logix

BP Logix offers Process Director, a complete BPM solution with workflow software, case management software and business process automation software capabilities that enables both IT and business users to create robust business process management and workflow solutions to address a variety of business challenges. BP Logix’ Process Director is a powerful BPM low code platform offering an excellent HTML UI and reporting tools on every major mobile or desktop platform.

Link to Creatio

Creatio, formerly bpm’online, provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Process Management solutions for many industries. Studio Creatio, their BPM offering, is an intelligent low-code platform, which enables businesses from various industries as well as system integrators and software developers, to manage business processes of any complexity and easily build applications for their specific business needs. Studio Creatio is the unique synergy of business processes management and case management technologies that provide organizations with powerful tools to easily manage and optimize business processes.

Link to FlowForma

FlowForma offers no-code workflow automation tools that provide business experts with low entry costs and rapid process development. An award-winning Microsoft Office 365® app, FlowForma® Process Automation is revolutionizing the traditional BPM space, enabling business users and Heads of Departments to quickly implement processes such as HR onboarding, new product development, and clinical trials as well as many others, increasing organizational efficiency and productivity.

Link to Genpact

Genpact, formerly PNMsoft, provides BPM software solutions to organizations worldwide. Cora, the provider’s Intelligent Business Process Management Suite (iBPMS), enables rapid build and change of high availability, mobile-enabled workflow applications, that deliver big change for the digital business. The solution combines the products acquired with RAGE Frameworks, PNMsoft, TandemSeven, and technologies developed in Genpact’s own analytics and artificial intelligence practices. Additionally, Cora allows business users and process developers to access a simple, intuitive system within a single interface.

Link to iGrafx

The iGrafx Strategic Transformation Platform enables transformation by connecting strategy to execution, while mitigating risk, ensuring compliance and providing a framework for governance, resiliency, business continuity, and continuous improvement. The solution is a cloud-based, platform that enables businesses to meet today’s increasing challenges with executing strategic vision, optimizing customer experience, operationalizing governance, risk and compliance (GRC), and delivering holistic quality management (QMS). iGrafx’s Strategic Transformation Platform allows users to capture, model, optimize, audit, execute, and monitor processes.

Link to K2

K2 offers business process applications that help organizations transform manual, paper-based processes into powerful and feature-rich business applications. K2 Cloud takes all of the K2 functionality and puts it into the cloud without constraints. This abstracts away the need for customers to manage the infrastructure on which K2 runs, top of Azure, which is the backbone of the platform’s infrastructure, so customers don’t have to. K2 Five is a new on-prem version of K2. All of this builds upon the industry-leading functionality of K2 blackpearl, the vendor’s previous on-prem version.

Image result for kissflow logo

Kissflow, from OrangeScape, is a cloud-based BPM solution suitable for businesses of all sizes. The software automates business processes and monitors performance. Additionally, Kissflow helps initiate process requests, view items that require user actions and approve pending tasks. The system comes included with 50 pre-installed business applications, including employee onboarding, vendor payment, mileage reimbursement, and much more. Users are able to download these applications edit them as they see fit or build their own applications from scratch.

Link to Newgen Software

Newgen Software Technologies Ltd. is a global provider of Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Customer Communication Management (CCM) solutions with a footprint in over 60 countries. The Omniflow iBPS Business Process Management Suite drives enterprise-wide digital transformation by connecting an organization’s resources. The platform’s advanced capabilities such as process orchestration, case management, robotic process automation (RPA), mobile, social and others allow you to re-engineer processes and go digital.

Link to Nintex

Nintex offers IPA solutions that strip inefficiencies from a business and replaces them with seamless, sophisticated processes. The easy to use, no-code platform, Nintex Workflow Cloud® allows users to connect with all content repositories, systems of record, and people. Whether on-premise or in the cloud, Nintex offers advanced workflow, document generation, forms for data collection and dissemination, integration with leading cognitive services, process mapping, monitoring, and reporting. Nintex offers powerful IPA solutions designed for the following industries: Energy, Financial Services, Government, Health and Life Sciences, and more.

Link to Pegasystems

Pegasystems offers a Business Process Management tool that is developed on Java and OOP concepts. The platform allows users to quickly assemble an executable business application using visual tools. Pegasystems has an extensive history of developing applications that offer support services to carry out daily operations like sales, marketing, and services. The system supports case lifecycle management allowing business owners to develop a process flow that brings people and technology together for routine automation and improving reliability and efficiency in the case of unexpected events.

Link to Process Street

Process Street offers a business process management platform that provides organizations with a straightforward approach for managing repeating business procedures. Built specially for businesses to be able to build and track their processes with the use of super-powered checklists, Process Street provides for better scaling, minimizing mistakes and allow lets teams create simple recurring checklists, collaborate around them and track as they’re completed. With advanced permissions, reporting, and automation, the Process Street platform empowers businesses to be able to improve day-to-day operations.

Link to Signavio

Berlin-based Signavio GmbH is a leading provider of BPM solutions, offering an integrated software solution allowing you to model, analyze, optimize and execute business processes and decisions in one platform. The cloud-based Signavio Business Transformation Suite is a smarter way to continuously translate between strategy and execution. The suite comes complete with the Signavio Collaboration Hub, a central point of contact for staff to secure collaborative knowledge, connect, and communicate. Signavio offers a dynamic BPM system that helps you quickly realign your organization and bring changes to life immediately.

Link to Sofware AG

Software AG’s Digital Business Platform (DBP) is a business process management tool that provides the control needed to improve the speed, visibility, consistency, and agility of every business process while minimizing costs and increasing standardization. The solution combines the vendor’s webMethods BPMS product with its middleware stack and advanced analytics capabilities. With Software AG’s leading BPM system you can rapidly build or change business practices and workflows, creating applications that are as dynamic as your business is. The platform enables users to manage tasks and teams more easily, fostering greater collaboration between stakeholders and departments.

Link to TIBCO

TIBCO offers a flexible, all-in-one platform offering full visibility, resource management so businesses are in full control of their operations. TIBCO is able to react to business events in real-time, meeting all process needs. The platform offers Intelligent Work and Resource Management dashboards that give users the ability to work with process details for greater business insight. Of the many tools that TIBCO offers, ‘Decisions’ can be used for capturing and modeling decision making logic. Nimbus is another tool that can be used for process documentation.

Link to TrackVia

TrackVia is a user-friendly offering, that’s often viewed as an alternative to many traditional BPM platforms. As a low code platform, users can quickly assemble their applications to match their unique business processes without extensive IT assistance or coding knowledge. TrackVia provides a real-time report, interactive charts, intelligent charts, intelligent automation, and user permissions. The platform is ideal for manufacturing companies and looks to help these companies reduce manufacturing defects, manage CAPA processes, react to indicators of detects, and fix quality-related issues before they occur.

Link to WorkflowGen

WorkflowGen is a Canadian company that offers business process management solutions for organizations of all sizes. The software can be deployed through the cloud or on-premises. This BPM solution provides a form designer allowing users to build their own customized web forms. The form builder uses HTML and Java, cutting out the need for additional software or plug-ins. If your business is looking to go mobile, WorkflowGen offers mobile applications for both iOS and Android with support provided through an online forum and direct support provided with a small fee.

Link to Zoho

Zoho Creator is an online application builder designed to help organizations better manage their business processes. Using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, users can develop their own custom applications without the hassle of coding. Zoho Creator offers a massive array of tools in addition to a feature-rich development platform. The platform falls in line with the highest security standards, keeping data safe, and providing regular updates and backups. The platform gives users all Zoho features regardless of which package is purchased.

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