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40 Percent Move Legacy Systems to the Cloud to Secure Data

40 Percent Move Legacy Systems to the Cloud to Secure Data

40 Percent Move Legacy Systems to the Cloud to Secure Data

According to a survey recently conducted by Lemongrass, 40 percent of companies are moving legacy systems to the cloud in order to secure their data. This information comes from the Lemongrass 2021 Legacy-to-Cloud Surveywhich interviewed 150+ IT Directors in companies with annual IT budgets of at least $1 million. The survey found that enterprises are moving legacy resources to the cloud faster than ever, despite the challenges that arise from cloud migration and adoption.

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Lemongrass found that 77 percent of survey respondents stated that their primary motivations for migrating legacy systems to cloud infrastructures were securing their data, maintaining data access, or saving money. Specifically, 40 percent listed data security as their top goal, while 27 percent listed saving money and 11 percent listed maintaining data access.

The survey revealed that IT management workflows are the most likely to be brought over from legacy systems, as 78 percent listed them as systems they want to move over. Security and compliance are listed as the top cloud migration concern, with 59 percent listing it as a challenge their enterprise is facing. Additionally, nearly half of respondents stated it was somewhat hard to find employees with the right legacy system migration skills, while 18 percent said it was very hard.

In the company’s press release on the survey, Lemongrass’s CTO Vince Lubsey stated: “The survey findings are very consistent with feedback we receive from our customers. Enterprises are anxious to reap the benefits of moving legacy systems to the cloud. They understand there are challenges but the benefits far outweigh the obstacles. The key to success is following best practices, proper training, and time management. It also helps to have the guidance of an experienced partner to create the required cloud operating model.”

Download your copy of the Lemongrass 2021 Legacy-to-Cloud Survey here.

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