Accurics: 93 Percent of Cloud Deployments Featured Misconfigured Storage Services

Accurics: 93 Percent of Cloud Deployments Featured Misconfigured Storage Services

According to a recent report released by Accurics, 93 percent of cloud deployments featured misconfigured cloud storage services. This information comes from Accurics’ State of DevOps Summer 2020 report, which was conducted by analyzing cloud native infrastructure across hundreds of deployments across Accurics customers and community users. The report found that cloud breaches will likely increase in velocity and scale, especially as cloud adoption continues to ramp upwards.

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Accurics found that misconfigured cloud storage services were commonplace in 93 percent of cloud deployments. The company also found that most also have at least one network exposure where a security group is left wide open. According to the report, these issues will likely increase in both velocity and scale, and have already contributed to more than 200 breaches over the past two years.

Of the risks that companies face when operating in the cloud, Acccurics blamed network exposures resulting from misconfigured routing rules as the risk that poses the greatest risk to organizations. The vendor pointed out that with remediation as code deployments, 80 percent of issues are addressed; without it, only six percent are addressed. Accurics recommended that business codify remediation into development pipelines to create an automatic and scalable detection system.

In the company’s official press release, Accurics’ co-founder and CTO Om Moolchandani stated: “While the adoption of cloud native infrastructure such as containers, serverless, and servicemesh is fueling innovation, misconfigurations are becoming commonplace and creating serious risk exposure for organizations. As cloud infrastructure becomes increasingly programmable, we believe that the most effective defense is to codify security into development pipelines and enforce it throughout the lifecycle of the infrastructure. The receptiveness of the developer community toward assuming more security responsibility has been encouraging and a step in the right direction.”

Download your company of the State of DevOps Summer 2020 report here.

Daniel Hein