Amazon Web Services Introduces Cloud Solutions at re:invent

Amazon Web Services Introduces Cloud Solutions at reinventRe:invent was a great success for Amazon Web Services. As the fastest growing enterprise IT company, AWS announced that they had just passed 1 million business and government customers and brought in an estimated $4 billion. With a 40% growth this year, AWS has grown faster than Salesforce, Microsoft and Google.

Amazon Web Service also announced their latest brainchild Aurora, a MySQL compatible database engine for the Amazon Relational Database Service. They also announced new services for enterprise, security and governance, and expanded the Amazon Partner Network (APN) benefits, new Managed Service and SaaS Partner Programs, and APN partner-specific training.

The biggest announcement by far was definitely Aurora. Aurora combines the speed and availability of the big commercial databases with the cost effectiveness of open source databases. This will result in a much better performance than any other MySQL databases and the availability of most commercial databases without sacrificing security. AWS also boasts a cost, one-tenth of high-end commercial databases.

“Amazon Aurora is a game-changer for us: providing the performance and availability features that rival expensive on-premises databases and SANs at a significantly lower price point,” said Raju Gulabani, Vice President of AWS. “The RDS management capabilities on top of Amazon Aurora will allow us to focus our resources and energy on what matters most — building great applications and delighting our customers.”

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